pool 8 ball ๐ŸŽฑ

You might want to try a round of billiards with the Pool 8 Ball emoji! This emoji shows a round black ball, with a huge number 8 in the middle.

The 8 ball emoji is added to the emoji list because of its popularity in the pool or billiards game. This ball actually is a special one because in a billiards game, it can only be played after all the balls are pocketed.

You can use this emoji to capture a shot of your friends and family playing pool on a game night. When you find yourself in the most intense last 8 ball shot, you can also use this emoji to show off your amazing pool skills.

Most people consider the number 8 as a lucky number. So if you are one of them, the 8 ball emoji can be used to celebrate a lucky day or bring a message of good luck to someone. You can also add a touch of the Four Leaf Clover emoji or the Fingers Crossed emoji.

๐ŸŽฑ Pool 8 Ball is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010.

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This Pool 8 Ball Is Also Known As:

pool 8 ball

8 ball emoji

billiards emoji

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Pool 8 Ball Emoji History

Pool 8 Ball Emoji is created in the year 2010.

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