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Get to know more bird species with the dodo emoji. This emoji shows one of the beautiful birds that were admired in the earlier times.ย 

The dodo emoji is designed to look like the actual dodo bird that is unfortunately extinct already. So anyone can use emoji to introduce them to other people on social media who have yet to know about this bird.ย 

It was believed that the dodo bird lived on an isolated island in the Madagascar area, so you include the desert island emoji to represent its natural habitat.ย 

Since these birds are as beautiful as the others, you can line all of the bird emojis up to learn more about and acknowledge their beauty too. You can include the dove emoji, penguin emoji, the eagle emoji, duck emoji, and the flamingo emoji.ย 

Dodo birds are also flightless birds so you can drop the chicken emoji and rooster emoji to acknowledge that birds who cannot fly have their own unique beauty.ย 

It is unfortunate that dodo birds are already extinct, but you can line up the dodo emoji alongside the T-Rex emoji and the Sauropod emoji to represent the animals that are long gone.ย 

Dodo birds are also egg laying birds, so do not forget to drop the egg emoji alongside it.

๐Ÿช™ Dodo is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 13.0 which was introduced in 2020, and was added to Emoji 13.0.

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This Dodo Is Also Known As:

dodo bird

brown dodo

extinct bird

brown sitting duck

Mauritius dodo

flightless bird

Madagascar bird

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Dodo Emoji History

Dodo Emoji is created in the year 2020.

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