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Skunks may appear adorable furry creatures with their long tails and neutral colors. However, you must already know that there’s nothing cute about their smell when they feel threatened. Meet the Skunk emoji! It depicts the mammal that lives in the U.S. and Southern Canada, and Northern Mexico. The emoji portrays a skunk in black and white, also known as the striped skunk, which we commonly see in storybooks, movies, and cartoons. Most platforms have their tail curved to the back, while Microsoft has it pointing forward. On Apple and Google, you will notice that their paws are poised, as though trying to tiptoe. The posture should serve as a warning signal for anyone that the skunk may be about to attack.

Although some people like to keep them as pets, most would avoid this creature because of the intense odor it releases. It comes from its scent glands, ready to spray a musky smell to shoo away predators or any threats to their safety. Since we know skunks for their stench, you can use the skunk as a stinky emoji when referring to a person or thing that smells terribly. It also appears among the top results when you try looking up “smelly emoji.”

Since the skunk is not an endangered species, the fashion industry uses its fur to create glamorous and striking pieces. Whether you’re talking to a friend about skunk-inspired fashion or an annoying smell, get your point across with the skunk emoji!

🦨 Skunk is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 which was introduced in 2019.

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Skunk Emoji History

Skunk Emoji is created in the year 2019.

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