Snapchat Emojis: πŸ‘» All You Need To Know About The 🌟 Emojis On The App

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Modified: Dec 20, 2022

Life can be hectic, even chaotic at times. In the midst of all the noise, it’s easy to overlook the small moments of wonder that are truly life-giving. Good thing there’s a social media platform to help fight the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and it’s called Snapchat.

Snapchat is an app that allows users to capture and share all of life’s quick milestones in an easy and fun way. It’s even got its own little language! Better be ready to have your knowledge of emojis challenged because Snapchat emojis are quite different from regular emojis.

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In many ways, this platform takes interacting with friends online to a whole new level. Other apps use emojis to show if a friend likes you or feels a certain way… which is great! Snapchat does that, too, but in a manner that feels both fresh and new.

The app gives special Snap emojis to users for completing a specific task or interacting with a user the most. These emojis are not permanent, though. They may change over time, depending on the frequency of interaction and other related factors.


Snapchat Emojis vs Regular Emojis

Case in point, a 💛 Yellow Heart emoji often gets used to show liking and friendship. But, if you see a yellow heart on Snapchat next to a friend’s name, it means you send the most snaps to this friend daily, and they reciprocate in the same way to you.

What’s more, some Snapchat emojis even have their own alternative name. A typical example would be the Yellow Heart on Snapchat also known as the Gold Heart.

If you’re new to the app, this will greatly help you venture into the world of Snapchat. If you’re a power user, it’s always good to update what you already know. As with language, the meaning of particular emojis may change over time. What you knew before may not be what you know now. You certainly don’t want to be left behind!


Snapchat Heart Emojis

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Out of all of the emojis on Snapchat, none are quite as confusing as the hearts. It’s because Snapchat uses hearts to symbolize different connections between users, with each heart representing a certain level of friendship. As users progress through the ranks of friendship, they start exchanging hearts with people of different colors.

Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart, Yellow Heart emoji, Heart emoji

It’s been said time and time again that yellow signifies happiness and friendship. This is why people often give yellow roses to friends. Meanwhile, the 💛 Yellow Heart emoji on Snapchat is also about friendship, but it’s expressed and shown in a different way.

If you see a yellow heart on Snapchat next to a friend’s name, it means you snap at him or her the most, and he or she also snaps you the most. You are both entirely engaged in Snapchat and keep sharing selfies and videos more often than most of the friends in your friend list. See the difference?

Red Heart

Red Heart emoji, Apple version of the Red Heart emoji, Snapchat emojis

It’s common knowledge that the ❤️ Red Heart emoji is the most traditional and recognized symbol of ️️love and romance in the world. In the Snapchat world, the red heart has an additional meaning.

As we all know, Snapchat places different emojis next to a user’s friends’ names. These Snapchat emoji meanings disappear and expire, based on the user’s recent activity. For instance, when you snap with someone the most, a Yellow Heart emoji will appear beside the person’s name. But if the two of you remain best friends for two weeks straight, the yellow heart will turn into a red heart on Snapchat.

Pink Heart

Two Hearts emoji, Two Pink Hearts, Double Hearts, Double Pink Hearts, Two Pink Hearts

Most of the time, the red heart is used to show intense romance, love, and passion. But on Snapchat, the 💕Pink Heart emoji, or sometimes called the Two Hearts emoji, serves as somewhat of a final threshold when it comes to longevity.

When a user has been best friends with someone for two months straight, two pink hearts will appear beside your name and your friend’s name. Snapchat bestows those beautiful pink hearts of best friendship as a badge of honor, in a way thanking you for your effort.


Snapchat Smiley Emojis

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Our second Snapchat emoji category consists of the first-ever emojis in the world… smileys! Who doesn’t love those cute little yellow faces? No matter what state you’re in, you can always count on a smiley to reflect your feelings.

Face With Sunglasses

Sunglasses emoji, Smiling Face With Sunglasses emoji, Snapchat emojis, Apple version of the Smiling Face With Sunglasses emoji

On most platforms, the 😎 Smiling Face with Sunglasses emoji is used to convey a cool, confident, and carefree attitude online. On Snapchat, if you see this appear beside a person’s name, it means that someone in your Best Friends list is also in their Best Friends list. Put simply, you both share a mutual best friend. This will be really helpful in making more friends on the app.

Think about it, when you share a common friend with someone, doesn’t it make it easier to approach them. Mentioning your common friend, asking the person how you met your common friend is one of the easiest ways to break the ice and capture a potential friend’s attention.

Grimacing Face

Grimacing Face emoji, Grimace emoji, Apple version of the Grimacing Face emoji

Across platforms, the 😬 Grimacing Face emoji usually conveys mild discomfort and approval. It’s basically the emoji embodiment of the word, “eek,” a word one would typically use when a friend suddenly shares an accident she had at the kitchen with a wobbly chair, knife, and pineapple.

On Snapchat, the grimacing emoji appears when your #1 best friend is also another person’s #1 best friend. This means, you send the most snaps to the same person that they do. Essentially, the grimace face is an indication that you’re in some sort of “friendship triangle” on Snapchat.

Expect this emoji to hop from one person to the next in your friend group depending on recent activity. It may reappear and then disappear again. It may also bounce back and forth like a pinball.

Smirking Face

Smirking Face emoji, Smirking Face, Smirking Face smiley, Smirking Face

This is sort of a painful one. When it was designed, the 😏 Smirking Face emoji was this naughty, mischievous face used to refer to guilty pleasures or malicious joy. On Snapchat, seeing this emoji next to a contact means that you are on their Best Friends list, but they are not in yours.

In other words, you are one of their best friends, but they are not YOUR best friend. You don’t send them many snaps, but they do send you a lot of them. Ouch. Looking at it in a more positive way, this Snapchat emoji could serve as a reminder that perhaps it’s time to even the score. If someone is exerting so much time and effort to be your friend, maybe you should do the same.

Smiling Face

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes emoji

As the OG emoji, the 😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes emoji is loved by the entire world over, thanks in no small way to how it’s often used to brighten all sorts of statements, even those that may otherwise sound rude. Come on, who wouldn’t dig the warm, positive feelings the emoji exudes?

In the Snapchat world, the smiling face emoji has an additional, slightly more practical use. When a user chats with someone, and the person they’re talking to is away from the keyboard, the smiling face emoji appears as a status in chat to indicate the recipient has returned and is reading your message. The smiley turns into a blue dot when the recipient continues to remain active within the chat.


Snapchat Star Emojis

Snapchat emojis, Snapchat star emoji

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Stars always have some sort of thrill and romantic feeling attached to them. When one sees the word “star,” visions of a twinkling night sky, or pictures of one’s favorite celebrity quickly appear in one’s mind. In the Snapchat world, stars take on an entirely different meaning.

Gold Star (Glowing Star)

glowing star emoji

The 🌟 Glowing Star emoji, or the Gold Star as it is called on Snapchat, is one of the most popular emojis on the platform. At the same time, it’s one of the most misinterpreted symbols on the app. To this day, people get confused about this symbol’s meaning, when in fact, it’s really quite simple.

When you see a gold star beside a user’s name, it means the person’s snap shared on Snapchat’s stories has been viewed by at least one person in the last 24 hours. This is a big deal in the Snapchat world, because the gold star indicates that a snap is worth viewing.

This also means Snapchat wants you to replay it, too. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood to have the tables turned, if YOU want your username to appear with a golden star, you’ll have to snap something worth replaying.

Verification Star

Snapchat verification star, Snapchat emojis

When you’re verified on a social media platform, no doubt you are a pretty big deal. Even more so when the platform you’re on has almost 347.3 million monthly users worldwide, which is the average estimate of users on Snapchat.

When Snapchat verifies an account, it adds a star on the right side of a person’s username. The star is black, it’s inside a yellow star. Officially known as the Verification Star, it’s basically Snapchat’s seal of approval.

When your account is verified, Snapchat categorizes your posts as official stories. Getting verified also shows people you’re trustworthy and important, which can be very helpful for those trying to build a business or a personal brand. Additionally, if you’re a celebrity, it helps ward off copycats and imposters who can pose a risk to your brand.

Favorite Contact Star

This is a really cute one with one of the simplest Snapchat emoji meanings. On Snapchat, If you always share snaps with a certain friend, they’ll automatically appear in a Favorite List. When this happens. Snapchat awards you and your friend with a Favorite Contact Star.

The star appears next to your friend’s name on your contact list. For your friend, the star will be displayed next to your name on their list. To make things all the sweeter, unlike the Golden Star, it’s permanent!

Snap Map Stars

Snap Map Stars, snapchat star emojis

Another popular feature of Snapchat is the Snapchat map. It indicates exactly where a Snapchat user is by showing a Bitmoji of the user standing on top of the map. Sometimes, when you click on the map, a Bitmoji might have lots of small yellow stars around them. When this happens, there’s no need to worry. It’s just Snapchat’s way of letting people know that the user sends Snap maps frequently and uses Snap maps a lot.


Snapchat Object Emojis

Find out what these everyday objects stand for in the Snapchat world. Some are pretty standard, while others are so far from their everyday meaning you’ll be glad you had a chance to learn about them before hopping onto the app!


Hourglass emoji, Apple version of the Hourglass emoji

File this under Snapchat emoji meanings that will make you panic. Suffice to say, when this emoji appears, you better act fast. Put simply, the ⌛ Hourglass emoji appears when a Snapstreak with a friend is about to end. A Snapchat streak is when you send direct snaps back and forth with a friend for several consecutive days.

If you don’t want it to end, to keep a Snapstreak going, both users must send a Snap back and forth to each other within 24 hours. Once you do that, you’re in the clear. What makes holding a Snapstreak so special? TBH, mostly bragging rights. You don’t win anything or get any special privileges on the app. At the end of the day, it’s doing something fun and thrilling with your besties that’ll ultimately keep you going.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake emoji, Apple version of the Birthday Cake emoji

This one’s pretty much a no-brainer. If you see the 🎂 Birthday Cake emoji beside a friend’s profile, it means it’s their birthday! Send them a snap to wish them a happy birthday. If you want a lot of people to greet YOU on your birthday, you’ve also got to make sure the Birthday Party feature is enabled in your app settings.


Fire emoji, Apple version of the Fire emoji

All around the world, the 🔥Fire emoji is the universal meaning for hot and sexy. Admit it, when you’re having a blah day, you wish someone would send you the fire emoji to make you feel good about yourself. On Snapchat, the emoji stands for a Snapstreak (remember that?)

When a flame appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat, it means you and your friend have snapped each other every day. A number that corresponds to the number of consecutive days you’ve been chatting with your friend will appear beside the flame. For instance, if you’ve been chatting for 5 days, you’ll see 5 * and so on and so forth.

An important thing to note, since a Snapstreak appears after three days of snapping back and forth, the smallest number you will ever see next to the flame is the number 3.


Other Snapchat Emojis

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Baby emoji, Apple version of the Baby emoji

Snapchat emojis that have only one entry per category belong here. One example would be the 👶 Baby emoji. It’s the only Snapchat emoji with a human face. And even though it’s cute as can be, when you see a Baby emoji, do resist the urge to send a congratulatory snap.

The Baby Face emoji appears next to anyone you’ve recently added as a friend on the app. It does not mean the user is pregnant! Moreover, whether or not you message that person, this emoji will disappear a few days after you add them.

Hundred Sign

100, Hundred Points emoji, 100 emoji, Hundred

In digital communication, the 💯 Hundred emoji is normally used to express or emphasize achievement, support, approval, and motivation. It can also mean “absolutely” or “keep it 100 percent” (keep it real). On Snapchat, if you see a 100 emoji on your friend list, get ready to take a screenshot, it means you’ve had a Snapstreak running with that person for 100 days in a row! Not bad! With life being as busy as it is, consistently interacting with someone for three whole months takes discipline and commitment.


Snapchat Zodiac Emojis

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Wondering if that cute boy you met at the mall is a Taurus, same as you? You exchanged Snapchat handles but you’re too shy to DM them about it.

No need to worry, you’ll be able to get your answers on Snapchat! Here, users who’ve submitted their birthday to the app, will receive a purple zodiac emoji corresponding to the zodiac symbol. All you need to do is click on their Snapchat profile to get your desired info. Here’s a complete list of the zodiac emojis and their corresponding dates.


Snapchat Trophies

Looking to increase your street cred on Snapchat? Why not fill out your Snapchat trophy case? Snapchat trophies are special emojis rewarded to users for performing certain activities on Snapchat.

Cards on the table, you can’t exchange them for money, or any other type of special privilege. The most you’d be able to get out of them would be bragging rights, which can actually be a pretty big deal if you’re seeking to strengthen your online reputation.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled, by task, what you need to do to get all 36 Snapchat trophies. Go and get them all!

  • E-mail trophy – verify your email address in Snapchat’s settings
  • Telephone trophy – verify your phone number in Snapchat’s settings
  • Videotape trophy – send a video
  • Video Camera trophy – send 500 videos
  • Movie Camera trophy – send 50 videos
  • Flashlight trophy – send 10 snaps with flash of front-facing camera on
  • Loop Once trophy – flip the camera once in a video
  • Loop trophy – flip the camera five times in one video
  • Rotate trophy – flip the camera ten times in one video
  • Snowflake trophy – send a snap showing the temperature filter below freezing
  • Sun Face trophy – send a snap displaying the temperature filter above 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hear-No-Evil trophy – share a video with no audio
  • Magnifying Glass trophy – share 10 pictures that are zoomed in
  • Microscope trophy – share 10 video snaps with the Zoom app
  • ABCD trophy – share 100 snaps featuring large text font
  • Panda trophy – send 50 snaps with a black-and-white filter
  • Crescent Moon trophy – share 50 snaps using night mode
  • Fried Egg trophy – share a snap between 4 to 5 am
  • Lollipop trophy – send a snap using 5 colored pens or more
  • Rainbow trophy – send 10 snaps in 5 or more pen colors
  • Artist Palette trophy – with 5 or more pen colors, share 50 snaps
  • Happy Devil trophy- screenshot a snap
  • Sad Devil trophy – take screenshots of 10 snaps
  • Red Goblin trophy – take screenshots of 50 snaps
  • Radio trophy – share a snap to a live story
  • Clapper Board trophy – sent 10 snaps to a live story
  • Fax Machine trophy – scanned 5 Snapcodes (Snapcodes are customizable QR codes that users scan with their Snapchat camera)
  • 1 Finger trophy – share a snap containing one filter
  • 2 Finger trophy – share a snap with two filters
  • Baby trophy – appears when your Snapchat score reaches 10
  • Gold Star trophy – Snapchat score reaches 100
  • Sparkles trophy – Snapchat score reaches 1,000
  • Shooting Star trophy – Snapchat score reaches 10,000
  • Explosion trophy – Snapchat score reaches 50,000
  • Rocket trophy – Snapchat score reaches 100,000
  • Ghost trophy – Snapchat score reaches 500,000



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So, there you go! We hope that this discussion enhances your knowledge of Snapchat. Like so many other social media apps, it’s a mixed bag, full of features and rules, which can be confusing and a little overwhelming for users at times.

Although, familiarizing one’s self with Snapchat emojis does help a lot with that. Emojis play a huge part in the app’s overall communication style. In other words, a huge chunk of the battle’s over once you’ve got that in the bag!

Another thing to ponder before we wrap things up would be, out of all the social media apps out there, this is one you should be more relaxed with. In other words, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Since most interactions on Snapchat are temporary and not stored anywhere, you won’t have to deal with a huge, embarrassing paper trail of photos and videos every time you pick up the app. You’ve got one shot, it lasts for only a day or so, so make the most out of it!

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Not to mention, in the bigger scheme of things, at the end of the day, being successful on Snapchat isn’t confined to getting numerous Snapchat emoji trophies, or exciting new streak signs. Using the app properly, forging and maintaining relationships along the way, will always be more important. Once that’s accomplished, everything else will follow. Including all those cool prizes and corresponding bragging rights. Good luck!