Poultry Leg 🍗

This emoji shows a poultry leg. This emoji means food, chicken, turkey, duck, or goose meat, and possibly festivities. This emoji can be used in food discussions or to symbolize Thanksgiving.

🍗 Poultry Leg is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010.

Other related emojis include 🧂 Salt, đŸĨĢ Canned Food, đŸĨŖ Bowl With Spoon, đŸĨ— Green Salad, đŸŋ Popcorn, 🌭 Hot Dog, đŸĨĒ Sandwich, 🌮 Taco, đŸŒ¯ Burrito, đŸĨ™ Stuffed Flatbread, đŸĨš Egg, đŸŗ Cooking.

This emoji has no color variations.

To find this emoji, you can use the following keywords: bone | chicken | drumstick | leg | poultry

The official Unicode name of this emoji is Poultry Leg.

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Also Known As

Other naming variations

poultry leg


bone | chicken | drumstick | leg | poultry

Poultry Leg Emoji Frequency

This emoji is currently the 406 ranked emoji on social media platforms.

Poultry Leg Emoji History

Poultry Leg Emoji is created in the year 2010.

Poultry Leg Emoji Unicode Data

  • Unicode codepoint
  • Unicode name
    poultry leg
  • Keywords
    bone | chicken | drumstick | leg | poultry
  • Version
    Version 6.0
  • Year