fire extinguisher 🧯

Get ready to put out some serious fires with the Fire Extinguisher emoji! This emoji shows the standard red fire extinguisher, commonly used in households in case a fire occurs. A fire extinguisher serves as an emergency tool whenever a household catches a small fire. Everyone is encouraged to buy one for their houses at least every year.

The fire extinguisher emoji can be used with the Fire emoji or the Fire Engine emoji, so people would be aware of its use. This emoji can also be used alongside the Male Fire Fighter emoji and Female Fire Fighter since they are the main people who encourage and advise people to get this tool.

This emoji can also be used by fire fighting companies who establish their own social media platforms. It can be used for their disaster preparedness seminar promotions, household fire control training, or even to celebrate the fire prevention month every year.

This tool may only accommodate a serious matter in real life, but people can get creative with the emoji version. The social media world describes a problem, issues, or “tea” as a form of fire. So the fire extinguisher emoji can be used to express that you are solving a problem, or you are clearing the air within two parties. A juicy social media fight will always be seen trending, and maybe one person could step up and solve the issues.

🧯 Fire Extinguisher is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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This Fire Extinguisher Is Also Known As:

fire extinguisher

fire hydrant emoji

fire hose emoji

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Fire Extinguisher Emoji History

Fire Extinguisher Emoji is created in the year 2018.

Fire Extinguisher Emoji Unicode Data