star-struck 🤩

Reveal your favorite celebrity encounters with the Starstruck emoji! This emoji shows a yellow face with a broad grin and stars for eyes. It’s used to express the feeling one may get when they see their favorite celebrity in the flesh. The most striking part of this emoji are the pair of star eyes. These eyes convey a sense of wonder and excitement, over a particular person, or situation.

As a whole, when someone thinks something or someone is fantastic, exciting, exhilarating, or stunning, they use this emoji to show how they feel. Regarding its different names, sometimes this emoji is called the Star Eyes emoji, or Starry Eyes emoji.

If you happen to be in a creative mood, feel free to include other eye-catching emojis in your social media story, reel, or post. For instance, to make your post more aesthetically pleasing, a good addition to the Starstruck emoji would be the Star emoji or Sparkles emoji. You can also add the Red Heart emoji to show your love for a beloved celebrity, or the Fire emoji to describe how hot the celebrity is!

🤩 Star-struck is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 10.0 which was introduced in 2017.

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star eyes emoji

star face emoji

star smiley face

star eyed emoji

stars in eyes emoji

starry eyed emoji

starry eyes emoji

eye star emoji

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Star-struck Emoji History

Star-struck Emoji is created in the year 2017.

Star-struck Emoji Unicode Data