🀩 Star Eyes Emoji: Show How Star-Struck You Are For The Celebrities You Admire ✨

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Jan 22, 2023

Have you ever been star-struck by a celebrity? So shocked and amazed, you can’t find the words to express how you feel? When words are insufficient, sometimes you need something more — something to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt how awestruck you genuinely are. Simply pass the 🤩 Star Eyes emoji along, and no one will misread your meaning. Your zeal will be contagious, and maybe the other person will be star-struck, too!


Savor The Star-Struck Moment

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This is probably one of the most frequently used emojis since everyone’s been star-struck at least once in their life. Maybe a famous person just started following you on social media or answered a question you asked in the middle of their Tiktok or Instagram live session. Whatever that moment was, you remember it because it made you so star-struck!

Fandom has a way of bringing people together, creating friendships, and making a bond between strangers. Unfortunately, it can also tear them apart. People who are fans may not be fans for the same reason, may not enjoy things the same way, or may just be at different stages of life.

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Therefore, it’s important to use fandom signs and symbols – like the star eyes emoji – in a proper way. That said, we’re here to help you avoid any “bumps in the road”. The world is already on fire, let’s not add fuel to the flames by ignoring online wars.

All you need to know about the star eyes emoji is in the quick guide below – where it came from, how to use it to drive social media engagement, etc.


Star Eyes Emoji: Definition And Meaning

Put simply, the star eyes symbol is the emoji version of the expression “stars in your eyes.” Heard of it? We’re sure you have heard the saying one time or another, but have you ever thought about what it really means?

According to Merriam-Webster, when you have “stars in your eyes,” you are hopeful and excited about something and think that it will be much more enjoyable than it actually is. Meanwhile, the Free Dictionary site says it represents a fascination one may have with celebrities, movies, and the theater.

The meaning of the star eyes emoji or the 🤩 Star Struck emoji, isn’t too far from that. The starry eyes in the symbol indicate wonder or excitement over someone or something. When someone thinks something is fantastic, exciting, exhilarating, or stunning, they can simply use this emoji to share or express their feelings.


Other Names Of The Star Eyes Emoji

While surfing online, you might come across other names for the star eyes emoji. The symbol is also commonly known as Excited, Starry Eyed, and Wow Face. The official name by Unicode is the Star-Struck emoji. On Apple devices, it’s officially known as Face With Starry Eyes.

Don’t let the different names throw you off, they all mean the same thing, anyway. When the Unicode Consortium, the worldwide organization that votes on which emojis should be created, releases a new batch of symbols, apps, sites, and other digital platforms put their own stamp on the symbol. Sometimes they even change the name of the emoji to suit their user’s market, or the overall feel and design of the brand, etc.


Star Eyes Emoji Through The Years

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The star eyes emoji was introduced to the public as part of Unicode 10.0, the 10th version of the Unicode Standard, released on June 20, 2017. Unicode 10 was a relatively small batch; 56 emoji characters were included in this update. A late bloomer of sorts, the star eyes emoji appeared seven years after smileys entered the scene.

Popular symbols like the 😂 Face With Tears of Joy and 😷 Face With Medical Mask came out seven years before the star eyes emoji. They belonged to Unicode 6.0, the first version of the Unicode Standard to support emoji, which was released in October 2010. This makes Star Eyes one of the latest smileys to hit the web. No one knows why it was made that late, and no one really bothered to ask. Anyway, better late than never, right?


Star Eyes Emoji Across Platforms

The appearance of this face, like that of other emojis, varies widely depending on the platform one is viewing it from. When you put the star eyes emoji from different platforms all in one place, one thing you’ll notice is no two stars are alike. The stars in their eyes are of different shapes and colors.

star eyes emoji on different platforms

Apple’s star eyes emoji shines bright with yellow eyes. Meanwhile, the star eyes emoji from Windows depicts a wide, toothy grin, and a pair of dark brown stars in lieu of eyes. Unlike the other icons, the Windows version comes with a heavy black border.

On the other hand, the star eyes emoji from Facebook stands out with its large pair of bright blue starry eyes. Plus, it is the only symbol in the group without showing its teeth. Conversely, on Twitter’s emoji keyboard, orange stars are bursting out of the smiley.

At first glance, it seems as if Samsung, JoyPixel and Google’s stars all have the same color. But if one were to look closer, one would immediately see the difference – Google’s eyes are violet, JoyPixel’s eyes are purple, while Samsung’s eyes are a mixture of both. In addition, Samsung’s eyes resemble a starfish’s. This is due to the lines on top of the emoji, which give the symbol more texture.


How To Use the Star Eyes Emoji

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Ready to have even more fun? After knowing what the symbol stands for, where it came from, even how it looks, let’s learn how to properly use the star eyes emoji in conversations, chats, and social media posts.

– Gretchen is totally in 🤩 with BTS. Every inch of her room is filled with the band’s merchandise!
– When I see my parents happy and in love for 20 years, makes me wish I could have a relationship like that 🤩
– Hard to imagine huge celebrities getting 🤩 too! But they do. When Selena Gomez met Shia Labeouf, she was speechless!

– 🧑‍🦳​🤩​, I can’t stop staring, wonder if that will look good in me, too [What it means: check out her hair color]
– Jane is our undisputed office 👩‍🎤​🤩​ She sold 10 houses in a month, beating everyone’s sales records [What it means: office employee superstar]
– Was supposed to go to Disneyland today, but a celebrity closed it for her for a private party. Wonder who’s the ​🥳​🤩? [What it means: celebrity birthday boy]


Emoji Rules

When deciding whether or not to include an emoji to whatever you want to say, remember that there are a few, fundamental guidelines everyone should follow. It’s gonna be worth the effort because when you use emojis at the right times and in the right place, you get your message across in the best, most effective way.

First, as seen from above, it’s okay to combine the star eyes emoji with other emojis, but try to make your message as clear and as concise as possible. Read your post out loud. Pretend, you’re reading what you wrote for the first time. Be honest with yourself. How does it sound to you?

Next, Don’t leave room for confusion. There is a sequence of time, stance, and action when using emojis. If you put one emoji before or after where it’s supposed to be, you stop making sense. Furthermore, whatever happens, do not get lost in translation. Only use the star eyes emoji when it’s relevant and it complements your message, post or conversation.



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Last but not least, here are some tips to get a celebrity to notice you on social media. Think about it for a moment, how can you get star-struck if there is no one or nothing that can make you star-struck?

Be Creative

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So, how to do it? First and foremost, you need to be original. Write creative comments. What are some of your fave celeb’s hobbies? Ask something they will want to answer. A simple “I love your show” probably won’t make them react. Be persistent and witty. Use humor to draw your favorite celebrity’s attention.

If he or she is a motorcycle fan, ask him or her if they brought home the motorbike used in their last movie. Tweet your fave singer a photo of an old concert ticket you saved your allowance on just to be able to catch one of their shows.

Support Their Projects

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It shows you’re actively supporting their projects, and you’re not just providing lip service. Make sure you’re trying to contact them at the right time, too. Celebrities are also people, and people are creatures of habit. If they send an Instagram story at 10 pm, chances are, they’ll do it again, on another day, at the same time.

Put The Star Eyes Emoji In There

When you write that post, add the star eyes emoji at the beginning of your sentences – or at the end! No doubt seeing a cute emoji will lift your idol’s mood and might make him or her reply to you!

Based on studies made by leading growth marketing platform Hubspot, emojis increase Instagram engagement rate by 48%. Furthermore, inserting emojis in a tweet increases engagement by 25 %, and emojis in Facebook posts get 57 % more likes and 33 % more shares and comments.

Not bad, right? That way, whether or not your idol notices you, you don’t go home empty-handed. Nevertheless, work hard and hope for the best. When you do get your star-struck moment, it will be so much sweeter.