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If you want an emoji to send when you want to keep a secret in chat or messages, then you are in luck! The Zipper Mouth Face emoji is the perfect icon for all people who keep secrets. This emoji depicts a face with its mouth replaced with a closed zipper.

It is natural to be asked a lot in conversations, and most of the time, the questioning can be pretty intense if you know something that others do not. If you do not want to leak any classified information or secrets, then send this emoji! Better yet, you could add statements such as “I will keep my mouth shut” to show others that you are defiant enough to keep secrets.

Not to mention, this is the perfect icon that goes against some emojis. Today, you would often hear “Spill the tea” followed by either the Teacup emoji or Eyes emoji. It would mean that other people would want you to tell them any private drama. If you do not want to spill any tea, send them the zipped lips emoji, and they will most likely leave you alone.

Lastly, you could use this zipped mouth emoji if you want to tell someone to keep quiet. After all, you might have some memories in grade school where your teacher would command you to zip your mouth. So, it is appropriate that you send someone this emoji if they are starting to be too rowdy, and you want them to shut up.

🤐 Zipper-mouth Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 8.0 which was introduced in 2015, and was added to Emoji 1.0.

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This Zipper-mouth Face Is Also Known As:

zipper-mouth face

zipper mouth emoji

zipper emoji

shut up emoji

zipped lips emoji

zipped emoji

lips sealed emoji

zipped mouth emoji

emoji with zipper mouth

zip lip emoji

zipper face emoji

no talking emoji

zip emoji

Zipper-mouth Face Emoji History

Zipper-mouth Face Emoji is created in the year 2015.

Zipper-mouth Face Emoji In Other Languages

Zipper-mouth Face 🤐Zipper-mouth Face Emoji 拉链口的脸 🤐拉链口的脸 表情符号 Gezicht Met Rits Als Mond 🤐Gezicht Met Rits Als Mond Emoji Visage De Bouche Avec Une Fermeture éclair 🤐Visage De Bouche Avec Une Fermeture éclair Emoji Reißverschluss-Mundgesicht 🤐Reißverschluss-Mundgesicht Emoji मुँह पर चेन लगाए चेहरा 🤐मुँह पर चेन लगाए चेहरा इमोजी Wajah Dengan Mulut Ritsleting 🤐Wajah Dengan Mulut Ritsleting Emoji Faccina Con Labbra Sigillate 🤐Faccina Con Labbra Sigillate Emoji ファスナーマウスフェイス 🤐ファスナーマウスフェイス 絵文字 지퍼로 입을 잠근 얼굴 🤐지퍼로 입을 잠근 얼굴 이모티콘 Cara Com Boca De Zíper 🤐Cara Com Boca De Zíper Emoji Лицо со ртом на замке 🤐Лицо со ртом на замке Эмодзи Cara Con Cremallera Cerrada En Boca 🤐Cara Con Cremallera Cerrada En Boca Emoji Mukhang May Naka-zipper Na Bibig 🤐Mukhang May Naka-zipper Na Bibig Emoji وجه بفم على شكل سحاب 🤐وجه بفم على شكل سحاب إيموجي

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