The ๐Ÿ˜ด Sleepy Emoji List: 15 Cutest Emojis To Use Before Going To Bed ๐Ÿคค

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Jun 14, 2022

Emojis are fantastic for expressing feelings you don’t feel like writing down, for whatever reason that may be. Often, it’s an awkward situation we don’t want to make a big deal out of, or simply don’t have enough energy for. Admit it or not, we’ve all been there. For instance, when we exchange messages with a friend late at night, after a really long day. All you want to do is sleep, and you just don’t have it in you at that moment to explain yourself. What do you do? You share a sleepy emoji.

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Your friend gets it, says goodbye — end of the story. If you give a lengthy explanation about why you’re sleepy, chances are, your friend will react. You will comment back, he or she will say something else and before you know it, you’ve fallen fast asleep. You “ghosted” your friend, an action considered a mortal sin on social media. So, how could that have been avoided?


Sleepy Emojis

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A simple emoji can help you say what you need to say in a situation. Those cute images, symbols, or icons are a powerful engagement tool, for sure. However, it may be a pretty hard task to distinguish the best scenario and situation to use them. Are you a bit sleepy or very sleepy? Sleepy and tired? Or sleepy and sad? There’s an emoji to express all of that⁠ — you just need to find it, if you can.

As of the last count, there are over 3,000 emojis available now, which can be overwhelming, to say the least. While you don’t need to memorize all of the emojis’ meanings, knowing the basic ones, like sleepy emoji, will help you communicate effectively. On that note, to help you with your emoji learning quest, check out this section explaining the meaning of most sleepy emojis.


Sleepy Face Emoji

Sleepy Face emoji, Apple version of the Sleepy Face emoji

You don’t need a lot of words to describe this emoji ⁠— its face says it all. The 😪 Sleepy Face emoji features a yellow face with closed eyes and an open mouth, as if yawning. A blue snot bubble is coming out of the face’s imaginary nose. The snot bubble effect began in Japanese pop culture, and made its way to emojis. In Japanese comics and cartoons, characters appear with snot coming out of their nose when they’re sleeping or dozing off.

In general, the sleepy face emoji’s main meaning is sleepiness or sleeping itself. This is the default emoji to send when you need to say someone is fast asleep or in deep sleep. It can also be used to tell the person you’re talking to that you’re about to crash in bed and fall asleep at any moment.


Sleeping Face Emoji

Sleeping Face emoji, Apple version of the Sleeping Face emoji

Try as you might, with all your heart, you won’t be able to wake up the person this emoji is referring to. We say this because the 😴Sleeping Face emoji represents deep sleep — the kind with REM or Rapid Eye Movement.

To some extent, the sleeping face emoji can also be used to signify intense boredom, the kind you have while listening to a really dull lecture in class. It can also be used in a humorous way, too. If you’re in the mood to prank your family and everyone snores at home, send this emoji with a voice recording of their snores to everyone.


Yawning Face Emoji

yawning face emoji

In the sleepy emoji list, the 🥱Yawning Face emoji serves as a warning sign. If someone sends you the yawning face and you still want to talk to them, change your strategy because that person will fall asleep on you anytime!

Most of the time, the yawning face emoji is used in its most literal sense, to show one is about to hit the sack, or about to go to sleep. It is also often used to convey ideas or feelings of tiredness, boredom, or being done for the day. If you watched a boring movie or TV show, send the yawning face emoji to describe the face you had while seeing it. Here’s yet another, quite sassy way to use it — if someone has been talking to you about something you don’t care about, respond with this emoji when they ask, “So, what do you think?”


ZZZ Emoji

ZZZ emoji, Apple version of the ZZZ emoji

Why this emoji is part of the list is quite self-explanatory, actually. As we all know, ZZZ represents the sound of snoring. Connecting ZZZ to snoring originated when comic strips started to become popular. Comic artists needed something to signify that a character was simply asleep, and they came up with ZZZ. Not before long, it has become a widely used symbol for sleeping in a variety of contexts.

The 💤 ZZZ emoji is used in much the same way it is seen in comic strips — the emoji shows three Z’s arranged close together. The emoji is often used to represent sleeping, dozing off, tiredness or boredom. To sum up, if you’re tired of using smileys to show you’re sleepy, the ZZZ emoji serves as a satisfying alternative.

If you’re about to go to bed while texting someone, send them a goodnight text with the ZZZ emoji. To add, it’s got other uses too — meanings that can’t be found in the other sleepy face emojis.  For instance, if you had an unpleasant bug buzzing around your ear last night, use the ZZZ emoji to describe the sound of the buzz. Additionally, you may also use the ZZZ emoji to indicate the feeling of being buzzed, a common slang word used for someone who has been drinking alcohol but who is not drunk.


Drooling Face Emoji

Drooling Face emoji, Apple version of the Drooling Face emoji

Admit it but at some point in your life, you woke up to discover wet pillows and it’s not from sweating. Drooling is a natural part of sleeping, and the 🤤Drooling Face emoji reinforces that truth in a cute, fun way. This emoji shows a face with happy closed eyes and raised eyebrows on most platforms, with saliva drooling from one corner of its open, smiling mouth.

However, sleeping is not the only time we drool; sometimes we drool when we see a delicious meal. In cartoons and animation, every so often it’s used to show lust towards someone attractive. That said, if you plan to use it only in relation to sleeping, like how one drools in sleep, put the Sleeping Face emoji, or the Sleepy Face emoji beside it. This will make your message more precise.


Tired Face Emoji

Tired Face emoji, Apple version of the Tired Face emoji

Many times, tiredness is used as a prompt to go to bed. When we feel tired, we rejuvenate and re-energize our body, mind, and spirit with sleep. If you’d like to convert that thought to emoji form, use the 😫 Tired Face emoji and pair it with the Sleepy Face emoji, Sleeping Face emoji, “ZZZ” emoji, or any other emoji that openly conveys sleeping.

If you’ve reached a point of complete burnout at work or at home, and you just want to sleep it off, send the tired face emoji with the sleeping face emoji. Another way to use it would be to send this emoji to someone who has been bugging you about the same old stuff. Share the tired face emoji with the sleepy face emoji to show you’re sick of hearing the same thing. And what’s more, you plan to sleep your annoyance away.


Shushing Face Emoji

Shushing Face emoji, Apple version of the Shushing Face emoji

Tell people to keep quiet with the 🤫 Shushing Face emoji! This emoji shows a face placing an index finger over a small closed or slightly open mouth. Netizens use it to describe silence, quiet, secrecy. Although its official name is shushing face emoji, it’s got many names. It is often referred to as the hush emoji, quiet emoji, ssh emoji, or shhh emoji.

Send it to shush someone who is about to enter a room with someone sleeping. To make your message more precise, include the Sleeping Face emoji, Person in Bed emoji, or ZZZ emoji after the shushing face emoji. Another way to use the emoji would be while texting someone something classified. Use the shushing face emoji to indicate it’s top-secret, and that the recipient must keep quiet about it.


Downcast Face With Sweat Emoji

Downcast Face With Sweat, Downcast Face With Sweat Apple version

Share the 😓 Downcast Face With Sweat emoji on days when you feel sad and you want to momentarily forget the pain by sleeping. No judgment here, we’ve all been there and if it’s what you need, go for it!

The downcast face with sweat emoji shows a yellow face with eyes and mouth both closed in a frowning expression. There is a single bead of sweat dripping from the left side of its forehead. People use this to show that they are tired, whether physically or mentally tired. Use it together with any sleepy emoji to represent sleeping, snoring, dreaming, or any sleep-related state.


Relieved Face Emoji

Relieved Face, Apple version of the Relieved Face emoji

Show and share you had a good night’s sleep with the 😌 Relieved Face emoji followed by the ZZZ emoji or Person in Bed emoji. By doing so, you’re saying that you’re waking up with a sense relief, peace, and calm. It could also be used as a reaction to something enjoyable or relaxing the person has read or watched before bed.

The relieved face emoji features a yellow face with a relaxed smile and a pair of droopy eyebrows. Another way to use it would be as a relieved response over a difficult project at work or school. This emoji also indicates a state of bliss and gratitude. If the emoji could talk, it would probably say, “Phew, I made it,” or “Phew, it’s finally over.”


Person in Bed Emoji

Person In Bed emoji, Apple version of the Person In Bed emoji

There are few things more comfortable in life than lying down in bed after a long and tiring day. In the digital world, the 🛌 Person in Bed emoji displays that action in a simple, straightforward manner. The name of the emoji describes exactly what it looks like — a person of a non-specific gender lying down on their bed. He or she is barely visible beneath the sheets.

The majority of emoji users combine it with the Sleeping Face emoji to show they’re sleeping in bed, or that the person being discussed is asleep at home. Sometimes, it’s shared along with the 🌙 Crescent Moon emoji and 🏠 House emoji to show pretty much the same thing — that someone is at home, at night, comfortably laying down on their bed.

Furthermore, netizens who chat with their loved ones late at night insert the person in bed emoji while sending sweet goodnight messages. In addition, users that like to review hotels or resorts often insert the person in bed emoji after a video or picture of the sleeping area in the vacation spot.

If you’d like to make the person in bed emoji personalized to you, you’ll be happy to know that the emoji can be set to five other skin tones, too.


Bed Emoji

Bed emoji, Apple version of the Bed emoji

Delve into all types and styles of beds with the flexible 🛏️ Bed emoji. This emoji features a simple bed with a wooden cot, a quilt or blanket, and one pillow. The bed here looks a lot like the one in the Person in Bed emoji, without anyone on the bed.

This emoji works best in conversations related to beds, mattresses, and sleeping. When used in that manner, it evokes a sense of rest, relaxation, and comfort. Since there is no one on the bed, users sometimes share this emoji when they want to say they’re tired and need to go to bed.

Sometimes, it’s used to indicate tiredness and exhaustion, too. It can also be used with a metaphorical meaning — when in reference to putting an end to something, like an end of a relationship.


Night With Stars Emoji

Night With Stars emoji, Apple version of the Night With Stars emoji,

Reveal you’re looking at the starry sky before getting some shut-eye, send the charming 🌃 Night With Stars emoji to friends and family. The emoji depicts a lovely cityscape at night with lights and stars in the sky and some buildings. Some platforms have a crescent moon beside the stars.

Users share this emoji to talk about anything related to city life or night life. Pair it with the Person in Bed emoji and Sleepy Face emoji to show you’re looking at the night sky before sleeping. You may also use it to talk about stargazing, or to invite someone to enjoy a beautiful night under the stars.


Alarm Clock Emoji

Alarm Clock emoji, Apple version of the Alarm Clock emoji

This emoji depicts an item most people consider an annoyance in today’s world. Alarm clocks pull us out of bed in the morning, and they are supremely effective. They will get us up regardless of how much sleep we have had, or whether we are totally rested. We don’t love them, but we need them!

The ⏰ Alarm Clock emoji is a digital representation of a bedside analogue alarm clock with red frames. Short silver stands are at the top and bottom portion of the clock. A stop button is in between the stands.

Pair the alarm clock emoji with the Yawning Face emoji or Sleeping Face emoji to remind someone who is always late to set a few alarms so they can show up on time.

Since the most common meaning of this is waking up early the next morning, you can also use this emoji to tell someone that you need to go to bed early. For instance you can say, “Sorry, I can’t have that drink with you. I need to wake up early; got an 8 am meeting at the office.”


Muted Speaker Emoji

Muted Speaker emoji, Apple version of the Muted Speaker emoji

Before entering a quiet only or noise free space, the 🔇 Muted Speaker emoji is shared to remind people to stop talking, and to make sure electronic devices are on silent.

Use it with a 🤐 Zipper Mouth Face emoji followed by a Sleeping Face emoji if the reason why someone should be quiet is because another person is sleeping near them. In connection with that, the emoji can also be used to refer to the mute function, or sleep function feature of gadgets.

It is also a good emoji to use while sharing a post, repost, or online message on the value of silence. Expect it to pop up in content centered on meditation and self-focus, too.


Crescent Moon Emoji

Crescent moon emoji, Moon emoji

Finish off your good night and sweet dreams texts and quotes with the calming 🌙 Crescent Moon emoji. This emoji shows the first quarter Moon, symbolized by the crescent form. Out of all the phases of the Moon, the First Quarter is the most captivating. This is because of its beautiful, crescent shape.

The crescent moon emoji gives off a feeling of rest and comfort. It is often associated with nighttime, sleep, and counting sheep. Since the crescent moon is used to represent the night, if you’re posting anything to do with the night, use the crescent moon emoji in the caption.


Sleepy All The Time

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Do you often send “I am so sleepy” type of emojis and texts during the daytime even after a good night’s sleep? If yes, you might have a sleep disorder called hypersomnia. Hypersomnia is a condition in which one feels extreme daytime sleepiness despite getting sleep that should be adequate.

The good news is that it’s currently treated with behavioral therapy, medicine, or both. Because there are so many causes of hypersomnia, treatment options will differ. As a result, a person may need to try a number of treatments before finding one that works for them. Unfortunately, the illness, if left untreated, can severely affect daily living and lead to subsequent complications. Sleep experts recommend, if you exhibit any of the above symptoms, go see your doctor immediately.



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Using emojis to share real life experiences like sleeping sure is fun, but did you know it can give you more value than that? You can use this technique to jumpstart engagement on your social media accounts.

Emojis are used by billions of people. Without a doubt, it is the most spoken and fastest-growing language in the world. Combine that with the fact that everyone gravitates toward something they can relate to online, and you’ve got a winning hack!

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Whether it’s a universal human action like sleeping, or something they’re struggling with, authenticity often gets a like, comment, or share.

Authenticity sells and it works! When you’re genuine and open on social media, you’re essentially creating the perfect atmosphere for others to see your work.

Even so, in order to get the results you want, you must practice creativity, too. People will get tired of seeing the same images over and over again. To start, why not mix and match the sleepy emojis we’ve mentioned above? Express yourself, be as honest as you want, and be respectful at the same time. Best of luck on your journey!