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Learn about one of the important parts of a car with the wheel emoji. This emoji symbolizes a car wheel that plays an important role in driving.ย 

The wheel emoji is designed to look like a standard car wheel. It is made for people to use whenever they want to start learning how to drive a car.ย 

Since the car wheel exists in almost any vehicle, anyone can use this emoji alongside the automobile emoji, the taxi emoji, the pickup truck emoji, and the sport utility vehicle emoji.ย 

Since road safety is also important to learn, you can drop this emoji alongside some road safety emojis like the stop sign emoji, vertical traffic light emoji, and the construction emoji. This will help people educate others online to never neglect road signs.ย 

A simple car wheel can symbolize the entire car already, so it is also okay to use this emoji alongside car related emojis like the motorway emoji, which is a common passageway of cars. Anyone can also drop the fuel pump emoji to represent a gas station, where anyone and the car can get recharged.ย 

Even non-land vehicles have a wheel, so it is also safe to drop the wheel emoji alongside the airplane emoji, helicopter emoji, and the rocket emoji. And who knows maybe an UFO has a wheel too, putting the flying saucer emoji and an alien emoji would be nice too.

๐Ÿ›ž Wheel is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 14.0 which was introduced in 2021, and was added to Emoji 14.0.

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This Wheel Is Also Known As:

spinning wheel

rubber tire

vehicle wheel

third wheel

steering wheel

spin the wheel

car tire

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Wheel Emoji History

Wheel Emoji is created in the year 2021.

Wheel Emoji Unicode Data