cloud with snow 🌨️

Discuss the magic and wonder of a lovely snowfall with the Cloud With Snow emoji! This emoji shows a big fluffy, white cloud, with snowflakes slowly falling to the ground. It is used to describe the winter season, and chilly weather in general.

When the meteorologist shares this snowy emoji, it’s time to light a fire and make a cup of hot cocoa because it will soon be snowing outside! The Cloud With Snow emoji is also called the cold weather emoji, from time to time.

With that being said, since it often appears in the context of Winter, winter holidays, and cold weather, the Cloud With Snow emoji is usually combined with other snow emojis to evoke a wintry feel. Examples of these emojis are the Snowman emoji, and Snowflake emoji.

The Cloud With Snow emoji can be used both literally, and figuratively. For the latter, you can use the emoji to tell someone how “snowed down,” or tired you’re feeling after a long week at work or school. Also, if someone has been bugging you to do something, and you don’t want to do it, you can share the emoji as another way of saying, “When hell freezes over, I’ll do it.”

🌨️ Cloud With Snow is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 7.0 which was introduced in 2014, and was added to Emoji 0.7.

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This Cloud With Snow Is Also Known As:

cloud with snow

snow emoji

snow cloud emoji

snowy emoji

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Cloud With Snow Emoji History

Cloud With Snow Emoji is created in the year 2014.

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