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Make everyone’s day better by sharing a cute emoji of a llama! The Llama emoji shows a side view of a llama, a long-necked, camel-like mammal endemic to South America. It is standing on all fours, and is facing left. This emoji is slightly similar to its real life version in that it’s also got a pair of pointy ears, blank eyes, and a long snout.

The llama emoji is used in various meanings and contexts. Sometimes it appears in posts and messages related to petting zoos, since llamas are found in petting zoos. It may also appear in topics related to South America, which is where llamas are from. According to context, the llama may be used to indicate something or someone friendly, innocent, or cute, too. The aforementioned traits are three major qualities or attributes of a typical llama. They’ve got their ingenue eyes, furry tufts and adorable face to thank for that!

Oftentimes, the llama emoji is mistaken for the alpaca emoji, since alpacas and llamas look quite similar. However, the alpaca is much, much smaller in size than the llama. From time to time users interchange the llama emoji with another animal emoji, the Camel emoji. They are not one and the same, though! The most obvious difference between the two, llamas do not have humps, while camels have one or two. Moreover, camels are usually found in the hot deserts of Asia, while llamas prefer the cool and dry mountains of South America.

🦙 Llama is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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Llama Emoji History

Llama Emoji is created in the year 2018.

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