ℒ️ TM Copy Paste: How to Effortlessly Add the Trademark Symbol to Your Texts βœ…

Written by: Team Emojiguide

Today, we’ve got something special for you – a quick and easy guide on adding that snazzy ™ trademark symbol to your texts! From casual texts to professional emails, we’ll show you how to make your mark in style. Let’s dive in!

What is the ™ Trademark Symbol?

The ™ symbol, also known as the trademark symbol, is a tiny yet powerful character that indicates that the preceding word, phrase, or logo is a trademark. It represents ownership and protects the intellectual property rights of a brand, product, or service. So, when you see your favorite brand name followed by this symbol (e.g., Nike™), it means they’ve staked their claim!

Why and When to Use the ™ Symbol?

🛡️ Protection and Ownership

Adding the ™ symbol to your brand or product name safeguards it against potential misuse. It puts others on notice that you consider it your intellectual property.

👀 Brand Recognition

The ™ symbol boosts brand visibility and recognition. It sets your brand apart and gives it a professional edge.

🚀 Brand Launch

If you’re about to launch a new product or service, using the ™ symbol from the get-go establishes your intent to protect your creation.

📝 Copyright Pending

If you’ve applied for a trademark but it’s still pending approval, using the ™ symbol indicates your proactive steps towards securing ownership.

📺 Advertising and Marketing

Incorporating the ™ symbol in advertisements, packaging, and promotional materials reinforces your brand’s credibility.

How to Type the ™ Trademark Symbol

📋 Method 1: Copy-Paste (Unicode: U+2122)

The easiest way to add the ™ symbol is by copying and pasting it. Here’s how:

1. Highlight the ™ symbol: ™️

2. Right-click and select “Copy.”

3. Move to your desired text field or document.

4. Right-click again and select “Paste.”

Voilà! The ™ symbol is now in your text!

📝 Pro Tip:

Save time by creating a keyboard shortcut for the ™ symbol on your device! Simply go to “Settings,” choose “Text Replacement” (iOS) or “Text Shortcuts” (Android), and create a new shortcut like “tm” that will automatically expand into the ™ symbol when you type it.

🎮 Method 2: Emoji Keyboard (Unicode: U+2122)

Did you know that some emoji keyboards include the ™ symbol? Follow these steps:

1. Open any app that uses the emoji keyboard.

2. Look for the “Symbols” or “Special Characters” section.

3. Find and tap the ™ symbol.

4. It will be added to your text field automatically.

💡 Pro Tip:

If your emoji keyboard doesn’t have the ™ symbol, check for any other similar symbols like © or ®. You might find what you need there!

🖱️ Method 3: Character Map (Windows) or Character Viewer (Mac)

Windows and Mac users have a built-in Character Map and Character Viewer, respectively. Here’s how to access them:


1. Press Win + R to open the Run dialog.

2. Type “charmap” and press Enter.

3. Search for “Trademark Sign” in the Character Map and click on it.

4. Click “Select” and then “Copy” to add it to your clipboard.


1. Go to the menu bar and click on “Edit.”

2. Select “Emoji & Symbols” (or use the shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + Space).

3. Search for “Trademark Sign” and click on it.

4. Click the “Insert” button to add it to your text.

📱 Method 4: Emoji Shortcodes (Unicode: U+2122)

If you’re chatting on platforms that support emoji shortcodes, use “:tm:” to display the ™ symbol.

Example: Hey, have you seen our latest product? It’s amazing! :tm:


🎉 Congrats! You’re now an official TM Copy Paste master! Adding the ™ trademark symbol to your texts has never been easier, and it adds that professional touch to your brand, product, or service. Whether you’re a social media whiz or a business guru, this symbol lets the world know that you mean business!

So go ahead, trademark your creations, and stand out in the digital realm with the ™ symbol by your side! Stay tuned for more exciting emoji tips and tricks, right here on EmojiGuide.com! Keep expressing yourself with emojis! ✨