Minecraft Emojis Revealed: ⛏ Great Tools To Pump Up Your Game πŸ’Ž

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Emojis are everywhere and they’ve seeped into nearly every industry possible, from food to movies to even video games! As the days, weeks, and months go by, more and more major businesses are no longer seeing emojis as just simple symbols to be included in Tweets or captions. They’re now part of digital marketing campaigns and sales strategies! Some companies have even released their own specially designed emoji sets as “Easter eggs.” Minecraft emojis, emojis in the 3D sandbox game Minecraft, are a splendid example of this.

What is Minecraft?

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If you’re an avid gamer and you don’t know what Minecraft is, we’d just like to know what rock you’ve been hiding under all these years! Kidding aside, Minecraft is, hands down, the most popular game in video game history with over 238 million copies sold and 126 million monthly users. So, if you’re a gamer and you don’t know what Minecraft is, that is rather puzzling.

Last year, it even broke its record, hitting over 166 million users in August 2021 alone. No other game comes close to its immense popularity and success.

The goal of the game is quite simple in three words: explore, construct, and survive. Players build 3D landscapes out of various types of blocks, and when they’re done, they explore and produce goods in their new location. Minecraft has few rules, restrictions, limitations, or boundaries. No instructions are given from the beginning. Users discover the rules and unique features, like Minecraft emojis, by themselves. Players can get into it alone or with friends.


How To Find Minecraft Emojis

Today, gamers are in for a treat. Given the somewhat mysterious nature of the game, we’ve made things easier for all the players by presenting a tutorial on how to jazz up their game with the use of Minecraft emojis. Simply follow the step-by-step guide below to find these Minecraft emojis yourself.

Minecraft emojis, Minecraft emojis in rows

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Bedrock Edition

First, the best version to use for this endeavor is Minecraft Windows 10. Often known as the Bedrock Edition, MW 10, as it is sometimes called, is the latest edition of the game. Bedrock is supported on a plethora of different platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Samsung Gear VR, Android, iOS, and Fire OS/TV.

1. It is easy to make Minecraft emojis appear in your game once you have the list of emojis supported by Minecraft. Just click on the emoji or symbol you want to copy. Next, open Minecraft, then press the “T” key to open chat.

2. Press CTRL + V if you’re using Windows, or CMD + V if you are using Mac to paste the emoji. If you are using Xbox, Switch, or PS4, press the right arrow on your controller.

3. To help give your Minecraft journey a push in the right direction, here are some emojis you may use in your Minecraft game. Players can use them to rename items or write on signs to enter specific places. Other gamers use emojis to write on books.

Take note that books are a very important part of Minecraft as they help players increase their strength. In Minecraft, you need a certain amount of strength to create worlds, increase levels, and embark on challenging quests.


List of Minecraft Emojis

In the following section, we introduce Minecraft-related emojis, which you can use while discussing about Minecraft online. Get the most out of your game with these exciting Minecraft emojis, each separated by category.


Food & Drinks

Food and drink are essential to survival in Minecraft; players that don’t replenish themselves with food eventually starve. Starvation depletes food bars of players and eventually kills players if they’re in Hard mode. In Hard mode, players are affected by nature, they drown, get hit by lava, etc.

Some common emojis you’d encounter are: 🍏 Green Apple, 🍉 Watermelon, 🥕 Carrot, 🍄 Mushroom, 🍪 Cookie, 🥧 Pie, and 🥛 Glass of Milk.



Each animal in the game serves a special purpose. This could include anything from becoming a player’s companion to dropping a certain resource. However, certain animals are merely just aesthetically pleasing, and that would be it.

Cow Emoji

First on the list, players frequently use the 🐄 Cow to buy leather, which they, in turn, use to make books and armor. They also use the milk from the cow to remove a negative potion effect, a concoction used to harm other players. Some potions slow players, provide a wither effect, etc.

Honeybee Emoji

Next, players use the 🐝 Honeybee to make honey, build beehives, and pollinate Minecraft farms. Some players also use bees to speed up their crop growth; they place flowers over a piece of land where crops are growing. Bees will gather the pollen from the flowers and drop them into the crops.

Sheep Emoji

In Minecraft, 🐑 Sheep are the best source of mutton and wool. Players dye sheep with their favorite color. Each sheep produces wool of the color that it represents.

Pig Emoji

Most players put a saddle on the 🐖 Pig and let their avatars ride them. Other users turn them into pork chops and add them to their inventory. Pigs reproduce in groups of one to three in areas with grass blocks.

Chicken Emoji

Players get feathers from the 🐓 Chicken which they turn into arrows. They can also sell eight pieces of cooked chicken for an emerald. Emeralds are some of the best items to barter for; players exchange them for strong armor and shields.

Cat Emoji

Players love encountering the 🐈 Cat in Minecraft because cats drop useful items when they are near a sleeping person. Creepers, or the scary green creatures that are the number one enemy of Minecraft players, are afraid of cats and will run away from them.

Fox Emoji

Players use the 🦊 Fox because it can grasp practically any object in its jaws, including a sword. What makes this emoji unique would be the way it pounces on its prey in a wild and animated way.

Tropical Fish Emoji

Can you believe there are 2,700 variants of 🐠 Tropical Fish in Minecraft? The tropical fish drops simple food items that restore only one hunger point. Even if it isn’t a lot, it’s still a source of energy players can latch onto as they go about their travels.

Wolf Emoji

No other animal in the game is as devoted to the player as the 🐺 Wolf. Players love wolves in Minecraft because they will attack anything you command them to. They are the ideal adventurous companions. Another cool add-on is that you can also change the color of the wolf’s collar.

Parrot Emoji

The 🦜 Parrot is hard to find, yet if discovered, can quickly become a good adventure buddy. Their strongest trait is their ability to loudly imitate other animals. They dance to music as well.

Dolphin Emoji

Having a 🐬 Dolphin is highly handy in Minecraft when trying to swim around the ocean. If you come close to one while swimming, they may offer you a boost that will continue until you reach your destination.

Llama Emoji

Unlike other animals, the 🦙 Llama does not need to be tamed to be used. Plus, they can hold up to 15 inventory slots! Not only that but many players like to use different colored carpets on their llamas to color-code their storage easily. Unfortunately, riding them is not an option.


Plants & Nature

Flowers flow naturally in Minecraft. They are mostly used as decorations and in dye recipes. On the other hand, trees are the most basic and often used as building components in Minecraft. Every player must first dig up a tree before they can begin mining or even dream of defeating all of Minecraft’s creatures.

Tulip Emoji

In Minecraft, a 🌷 Tulip may appear in different colors such as red, pink, orange, and grey. You’ll usually see them in forests and plains.

Wilted Rose Emoji

The 🥀 Wilted Rose is a particular flower in Minecraft that has specific negative consequences. When a player touches this, they experience the wither effect. The wither effect is something that gamers dread and do not want to experience as this has the same effect as poison.

Daisy Emoji

You can find 🌼 Daisy, usually in white or gray, in the plains, flower woodlands, mountains, and meadows.

Tree Emoji

Represented by 🌳 Tree in the emoji world, oak trees grow in a wide range of sizes, from over 20 blocks tall to only four or five in the Minecraft world. When oak tree leaves are broken, they occasionally drop apples. Plains, swamps, oak forests, rivers, and jungles are all home to oak trees.

Fire Emoji

With 🔥 Fire, you can make traps, clear forests, demolish wooden structures, or it can simply function as decor in a fireplace.



To survive in Minecraft, you need excellent weapons! Weapons allow you to defend yourself against the many players (and mobs) looking to harm you (mobs are AI-driven game entities that resemble live creatures). Mob is an abbreviation for “mobile entity.”

Crossed Swords Emoji

The first emoji that comes to your mind when we mention sword should be the ⚔️ Crossed Swords. Swords are the most effective weapon in Minecraft because of the tremendous damage they cause. Part of this would be because swords are the only weapon type that can perform sweep attacks on multiple targets.

Bow and Arrow Emoji

The crossbow, or the 🏹 Bow and Arrow in this case, attacks mobs and players from a distance. The crossbow’s projectile damage and range are consistent, as a crossbow cannot be fired half-drawn for fractional damage, unlike a bow.

Trident Emoji

The 🔱 Trident can be used in close-quarters battles and in long-range fights. Its best feature is its rapid speed. It attacks more quickly than an ax. However, because of its weight, it cannot be as quick as a sword.


Objects & Tools

Level up your game with some of the most useful assortment of objects in the world of Minecraft!

Pickaxe Emoji

Players can use a ⛏ Pickaxe to mine ores and rocks, both rock-based and metal-based. Depending on the material, a pickaxe allows the player to mine blocks at a faster rate. They can also harvest certain types of blocks.

Diamond Emoji

The 💎 Diamond is a valuable material that can be obtained from diamond ore or loot chests. They are mostly used to make high-class armor and tools.

House Emoji

In the Minecraft world, a 🏠 House keeps players safe from creeping Creepers, the scary green creatures that creep upon the player and explode, destroying nearby blocks, and harming the player if they are within the blast radius. Houses are also a great place to store equipment and crafting materials.

Brick Emoji

In Minecraft, blocks are the basic structural units that make up the game’s world. Some blocks, like the Glowstone and Sea Lantern block, emit light. Another type, the Allow block, controls where players can build. You can use 🧱 Brick to represent these building blocks. To elaborate further, here are 16 types of blocks to choose from:

minecraft building blocks

Image from Minecraft Worldedit Guide Wiki Fandom

Wood: The most significant building component early in the game because it is used to make charcoal and planks.

Stone: This can make almost anything, from walls and roads to statues and fences.

Gravel: Good for building projects that do not need the strength or durability of the stone. Players use it to shut off tunnels and build temporary stairways.

Clay: Resembles stone blocks in appearance, but with a smoother texture. Appears near bodies of water and places with sand.

Snow: For building forts and making snowballs.

Cobblestone: Easily identified by its surface, which appears like many stones cemented together. It has the same general uses as regular stone but can construct furnaces.

Moss Stone: Same use as the cobblestone but is only found in the dungeons.

Obsidian: Typically seen near lava. 10 blocks of obsidian can create a portal to the Nether, Minecraft’s underground realm.

Coal: Commonly found anywhere with stone, especially in mountains, caves, and cliffs. Each coal ore block produces coal, which may make torches and power mine carts.

Iron Ore: Smelting iron ore in a furnace creates iron ingots that are used to construct durable armor, tools, and weapons.

Gold Ore: Required to produce gold ingots, which are used for the same purposes as iron, but with less durability. Some players use the ingots to make gold bricks to give their homes a palatial appearance.

Diamond Ore: Generates diamonds, the toughest material accessible for making armor and equipment.

Redstone Ore: Players destroy this block to produce Redstone dust. A compass, clock, and wire are among the objects you can make with the dust.

Lapis Lazuli: If you see a grey block with dark blue flecks, it’s Lapis Lazuli, a rare resource that, when fractured, contains blue dye. Make Smurf-blue blocks, blue yarn, and other items using the blue dye.

Netherrack: As the name implies, this is only found in the Nether. A reddish variation of moss stone, players use it to create sturdy structures with blood-like walls.

Glowstone: Gets its name from its light-emitting chunks. It is only found in the Nether.


Minecraft Emojis Mix

After a while, it’s not unusual for players to become bored with their game. Some may feel caught in a rut and unsure of how to get out of it. If that’s you, don’t give up!

You simply need to find fresh ways to pique your interest in gaming and everything it offers. Why not try mixing and matching emojis in your Minecraft chat box dialogues? If you’re playing with other people, ask your teammates to guess the emoji combinations you make.

minecraft chat

Image from Minecraft Wiki

Here are a few you can use:

⛏💎 – Let’s go find diamonds!

⚔️🏹🏠 – I see Creepers coming near. Protect the house!

🐔🔥 – Time to cook some chickens!

⚒️🧱🏠 – Let’s build a home for shelter.


Making Minecraft Emojis

Whether you’re emailing or messaging a friend, emojis are always there to spice up the conversation and add an emotional touch. However, if you’re the type who gets bored easily, eventually, after using all of them, you’ll most likely be craving something personal and fun. You don’t want to be just like everyone else; you’d want to stand out!

Custom emojis are the way to go. They’re one-of-a-kind, just like the player that’s making them. The good news is, in Minecraft, there are means to create your own. Plus, it’s quite easy to do.

Minecraft emoji, yellow Minecraft emoji

Photo from Instructables

Follow these simple steps below:

1. Visualize the emoji you want to create. What color is it? How big do you want it to be?

2. Prepare your materials and go over your inventory. What’s the color of your wool? What type of blocks will you be using?

Minecraft inventory, Minecraft emojis

Photo from Instructables

3. This is where things become a little more tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Prepare the foundation. Start with 10 gold blocks in a row to form a circle.

Minecraft yellow blocks

Photo from Instructables

4. Add 5 gold blocks heading outwards diagonally, beginning with the row of gold blocks you just made. Repeat on the other side of your row of 10.

5. Add 9 blocks below the diagonal line you just built, and ten gold blocks in a column. Repeat on the opposite side of your outline.

Minecraft circle, Minecraft circle of gold blocks

Photo from Instructables

6. To complete your outline, simply add another diagonal line of 5 gold blocks, beginning at the bottom of the line you drew in the previous step. Make diagonal lines moving inwards this time! Do the same thing on the opposing side. Then, simply finish your figure by linking the remaining two diagonal lines and putting a row of eight gold blocks between the last two blocks of those lines.

7. Getting a bit confused? Don’t worry, things get simpler at this point. Before filling in your circle, switch to the yellow wool. Then, using the outline as a guide, fill in the circle. Trace the outline four times inside the circle.

Minecraft circle with square inside, Minecraft circle

Photo from Instructables

8. It’s time to build the face, beginning with the eyes. If your emoji’s eyes are closed, using the wool, position the first part of your eye on the third space of your left column. When you’re done, place another block of wool diagonally upwards from that one. Next, place a third wool block to the right of that one. Add another block of wool diagonally below that block to complete your initial eye. To make your second eye, repeat these instructions on the opposite side of your circle.

Minecraft gold emoji

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9. If your emoji has its tongue sticking out, remember to make room for that. Working still with the wool, lay your first mouth block three places below your first eye block. Then, diagonally place two blocks of wool underneath the first mouth block. Don’t forget to include the three diagonal blocks on the other side of your circle.

Minecraft emoji with pink tongue, Minecraft emoji

Photo from Instructables

10. Connect the last four wool blocks by adding four more wool blocks in between them, for a total row of six brown wool blocks. That finishes the mouth but not the tongue. To make the tongue, just sew a 2×2 square of pink wool to the last two diagonal blocks on the right.

11. For this last step, with wool, just fill in the space you have left inside your emoji.



Man playing games, man inside a gaming cafe, gamer playing tournament online

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You read everything and you tried Minecraft, but suddenly you’re feeling overwhelmed? Don’t beat yourself up! You won’t get everything in a day—and that’s okay. The game is quite complicated with all its rules, mystical objects, and creatures. But you know what, that’s really its appeal. You create the world you want. Unlike other video games, Minecraft allows users to control the game, and it even allows users to act as moderators and build their coding right into the game!

One Step At A Time

Woman with hands raised in front of laptop, woman in front of laptop

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Studying Minecraft emojis is a good way to get into the groove, but don’t stop there. Forge a play style. Examine your arena and the folks you’ll be competing against. Practice as much as you can.

As you do so, master Minecraft commands, as well. Commands, also known as Cheats, are strings of texts players used to execute in-game moves. That can be anything from moving items to changing the weather, clearing players’ inventory, and so on. Learning how to use Cheats properly will give your game the boost it needs.

On a final note, always read and be aware! A massive trend in video and online gaming is to keep the players guessing. Gaming companies let players figure out for themselves some of the new features or Easter eggs they’ve come up with, so always keep yourself informed. And don’t forget to have fun! Good luck!