What Emoticons Are Most Often Used In eSports Or Online Games ๐ŸŽฎ

Written by: Team Emojiguide

Emoticons partially, and for some gamers completely, replaced the communication format and acquired the format of memes and ways to convey your emotions in a simple and popular way.

Many players perfectly understand the meaning and message of the sent miniature picture, but few know the history of origin and the true meaning of this emoticon, which may be completely different from the recognized community.

In What Scenarios Can Players Put Emoticons

1. For a laugh

The player simply puts, in his opinion, an appropriate mini-picture in order to amuse himself and those around him, and even if this does not always work out or even infuriates opponents, this only stirs up interest in the game and the passion around it.

2. For the sake of disguise

You can love World of Warcraft and often spend many hours farming raids and other activities, and when you run out of in-game gold, you can think about buying it.

Since the activity of buying game valuables for real money in itself is a prohibited activity and is punished by the game administration with the withdrawal of everything purchased and penalties, up to account blocking, you can simply use emoticons in the form of gold and hands to make it clear to the players that You want to buy wow gold and thus arouse less suspicion among the game administration.

3. To speed up communication

Often, with the help of emoticons, you can convey the meaning of information in a faster and more succinct way than just painting the main thesis, for example, indicating which part of the map contains profitable resources.


The Most Frequent Emojis In Game Chats And Discord

Many players still use emoji to express their feelings and replace words with them.

First, it’s faster. Secondly, it visualizes the words spoken several times and relieves the interlocutor of the need to look for context, and not just accept everything as it is.

1. Hand with thumb up

The most frequent emoticon, as people express their consent, or joy with this emoji. When the raid was discussed and the time of entry was agreed and all the details were discussed.

2. Red heart

A frequent symbol from which the sympathy of couples begins, which gradually often moves into the real world, but with the development of the era of tolerance, men often put such a symbol, but not as a sign of their feelings, but simply a manifestation of a form of respect and affection.

3. Laughter to tears

The emoticon is used more often than all other smiley emotions, simply because of the fact that it conveys the degree of how much a joke or meme amused.

The Most Popular Emoji For Shooters

Players can often exchange not only phrases or words, but also emoji to explain an action, event, or just a joke dialogue

1. Guy’s face + gun

This combination means headshot. This is the most deadly moment in any shooter, as a headshot is often a guaranteed death.

The highest measure of skill is the reaction and hitting a moving target, or an object behind cover.

2. Bomb + red cross

In CS:GO, the main scenario of many maps is considered to be the installation of a bomb or its demining.

If a charge has been placed, the match will not end until SWAT deactivates it.

With this combination of emojis, the players indicate who exactly will be engaged in defusing, and who will cover the whole process.

3. Baby and cup

Non-obvious emojis that refer to the titled CS 1.6 and CS GO team Natus Vincere.

It stands for simply – translated from Latin, their name means born to win, which is interpreted by the baby as a symbol of birth and the goblet as a symbol of victory.

4. Red circle and star

Symbols that fans put on the Gambit Esport team.

Or rather, they bet earlier, when the team still won the Major and did not lose its entire star line-up.

5. Bee and number 2

Emoji that describe the G2 ESports club, which is experiencing a rebirth due to the players Niko and Monesi, new stars of the esports scene.

The Most Popular Emoticons And Their Meanings And History Of Appearance

If you have ever visited official Twitch eSports broadcasts or popular streamers, you should have seen that the majority of viewers communicate with emoticons.

One of the reasons is it’s fun, and the second is the speed of the feed scrolling due to the large number of participants in the broadcast, and many just use emojis to show their presence and just have fun.

But if you look closely, you will see that emoticons are often repeated, and here is a list of the most popular emojis, their meaning, and history, as well as the reasons for their popularity.


The name comes from the chat app of the same name used by many streamers on Twitch, as it is the platform’s official source for interacting with viewers.

The emoji of a maliciously smiling man in black and white has become very popular thanks to the developer of the chat itself, Josh DeSino. When the test of the application for user communication took place, the developers actively inserted their photos to check the quality of the system and its ability to work under load. Viewers liked the photo so much that it quickly became a symbol of sarcasm and irony, and the name Kappa became attached due to DeSino’s association with the app itself.



Its popularity is not much inferior to Kappa, but the meaning is completely different.

This emoji denotes a mixture of laughter and surprise, such a kind of shock, which is what viewers on broadcasts use to demonstrate their sincere surprise and joy at highlights, or spontaneous events that amused the streamer and his viewers.

It’s funny that, unlike the previous sticker, PogChamp turned out by accident.

The emotion belongs to Ryan Gutierrez – the presenter, who, at the time of filming the program, gave out this emotion, seeing how the cameraman almost dropped an expensive camera.


The smiley, which has already become a common noun from a smile and laughter – lol and rofl.

The face on the emoji belongs to streamer Cadburry, who is known to be an active League of Legends player.

But the emoticon has become popular throughout the esports community and is often placed at Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends tournaments at the moment something funny and strange occurs, such as mistakes or oversights.

Wut face

An emoticon that is often used to cause disappointment, or sadness that things did not work out as planned.

The face of the smiley, if I may say so, is Alex Mendez, a well-known esports commentator and caster of many popular tournaments.

In a bright moment at the Halo tournament from Bungie, he gave out that same grimace of sad surprise and disappointment, which became a meme for many viewers on Twitch.