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Bolivia is an attractive country with various tourist spots, fascinating culture, and mouth-watering cuisine. And if you want to show your pictures or videos during your vacation in this South American country, add a Bolivia Flag emoji as well!

As its name implies, this emoji shows the national flag of Bolivia. It has three horizontal stripes: red, yellow, and green. The icon also depicts Bolivia’s coat of arms in the center. Depending on the platform, the emoji may depict the flag as waving or not.

Use the Bolivian flag emoji when you take a trip to Bolivia! Whether you are visiting the historical Tiwanaku or the magnificent Salar de Uyuni, feel free to add this emoji when you post your pictures or vlogs. Not only are you showing the South American country’s attractive destinations, but you are also giving an authentic Bolivian vibe to your post.

Alternatively, you can use this emoji when you post pictures of your homemade Bolivian cuisine. Whether you make a spicy pique macho or a flavorful chanka de pollo, add a Bolivian flag emoji when you post a picture or a video tutorial on your social media. The banner will give an even more authentic Bolivian feel!

🇧🇴 Flag: Bolivia is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010, and was added to Emoji 2.0.

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flag: Bolivia

bolivia flag emoji

bolivia emoji

bolivian flag emoji

bo flag emoji

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Flag: Bolivia Emoji is created in the year 2010.

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