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The Brazil flag emoji is a digital representation of the flag of Brazil. Brazil is named after brazilwood, a tree that grows along the Brazilian coast. The Brazilian flag consists of a green field with a large yellow diamond. Inside the diamond is a blue disk with a white band. Below the band is a group of stars. Written on the white band is a traditional Brazilian slogan.

From the time it was made, various interpretations of the flag have come out. But the overall Brazil flag meaning remains the same. In order to define what that is, the colors of the flag and what they represent need to be given a closer look.

In the flag Brazil emoji, green represents the forests and fields of Brazil, and yellow symbolizes the gold reserves of the country. Meanwhile, the motto inscribed in the white banner, Ordem e Progresso translates to order and progress.

Most of the time, the Brazil flag emoji appears in conversations connected to Brazilian culture, the Brazilian people and architectural landmarks of the country. The Brazil flag emoji is a strong symbol of patriotism, too. Users share the Brazil flag emoji to show their love for Brazil and how much they support their country.

🇧🇷 Flag: Brazil is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010, and was added to Emoji 2.0.

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This Flag: Brazil Is Also Known As:

Brazil flag

Brazilian flag

flag of Brazil

BR flag

modern Brazilian flag

Brazilian flag design

official Brazilian flag

Brazilian flag

Latin America

Federative Republic of Brazil

national flag of Brazil

Brazil ensign

South American country

Christ the Redeemer


Amazon rainforest

Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian garden of Eden

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