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Meet the flag of Hungary! The Hungarian flag emoji represents this country in Central Europe that boasts the famous Capital of Budapest and centuries of rich history. From top to bottom, the flag has the colors red, white, and green for its three bands; it is among the tricolor flags used today. The Hungarian flag is ideal when you are talking about this amazing country of 10 million. This country is famous for its cuisine, which includes fruit soup, blood sausages, and Goulash which is a hearty stew made of meat and vegetables, paprika, as well as other spices.

Not to mention that Hungary is home to more than a dozen Nobel Prize winners, athletes who often make up the Top 10 recipients of Olympics medals, and the population that has the biggest percentage of people with green eyes.

On top of the gorgeous landscapes, riveting history, exquisite cuisine, and Tokaji wine, let’s not forget about the iconic destinations that Hungary is known for: Lake Balaton. Even though Hungary is a landlocked country, it is graced with the biggest lake in Central Europe which is enjoyed by everyone during its peak season from June to August. The summer weather makes it perfect for swimming and get-togethers. Last but definitely not least is its healing waters. Part of Hungarian culture is taking thermal baths at bath spas and bath complexes that you would see all over the country. These relaxing thermal baths are believed to have healing properties, that you must check out when you visit!

Whether you’re talking about its culture, cuisine, people, or destinations, the Hungary Flag emoji can perfectly accompany any message you’d like to send your friends and family!

🇭🇺 Flag: Hungary is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010, and was added to Emoji 2.0.

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flag: Hungary

hungary flag emoji

hungarian flag emoji

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hungary emoji

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