🍡 Tea Emoji: Relaxing With A Cup Of Tea

Written by: Kaira
Modified: Jan 23, 2023

Among all emojis, the tea emoji title goes to the 🍵 Teacup Without Handle emoji due to its overall design. The icon was modeled after the famous Japanese matcha tea. The classic way of mixing the tea included serving it in a teacup without a handle. However, the absence of the cup’s handle leads most people to mistake it for a bowl of green soup. Because of this, others use the emoji to talk about soup and pair it with another food emoji. We suggest you add the main ingredient of the soup if you want to avoid any confusion.

Between 2018 and 2020, the Japanese matcha flavor rose to fame in the food and beverage industry. It made more people use the tea emoji for its actual use. Despite its vast variation, tea is usually remembered in its green form. Unbeknownst to many, green tea does not usually end up looking green once steeped in hot water. After steeping, most green teas look more yellow than green. The desired green color can be achieved with fresh teas that still contain plant compounds like chlorophyll. However, the common green teas we often see sold in stores underwent processes that changed the tea’s freshness. The color also depends on the plant where the green tea leaves come from.

Despite the rise of new fads, we continue to use the tea emoji for its intended representation. The fame of the matcha flavor lives on as one of the reasons why more people appreciate tea. However, there’s more to tea than being a relaxing hot beverage. Discover the reason behind the different designs of the icon across platforms. Read on and see what else the 🍵 Tea emoji can represent in different conversations.


Tea Emoji: Animating A Teacup Without A Handle

tea emoji, Teacup Without Handle Emoji

The 🍵 Teacup Without Handle emoji represents the overall tea emoji across all platforms. It appeared in the release of the Unicode Standard 6.0 in 2010. Then, the teacup icon eventually made its way to the selection of Emoji Version 1.0 in 2015. The most common feature across all platforms lies on the green liquid seen inside a white teacup.

The tea emoji appeared in most emoji keyboards in 2015. Back then, people used the icon to talk about either tea or soup. They did this due to the absence of the handle in the overall design. Additionally, people commonly use the ☕ Hot Beverage emoji to depict hot or warm drinks in online chats.

Nowadays, the Japanese matcha flavor trend leads more people to appreciate tea. They also learn the relaxing properties that some with every warm sip of tea. Despite the wide array of tea options, the matcha trend encouraged more people to mainly love green tea. Some people usually don’t find the appeal of the earthy aroma and flavor of Japanese matcha. However, most people prefer it to the sour or bitter tastes of fruit or black teas. With this, we understand why emoji developers designed their tea emoji with the famous Japanese tea in mind.


Tea Emoji On Different Platforms

Teacup Without Handle Emoji on Different Platforms

As mentioned, most versions of the tea emoji appear with a white teacup placed on top of a coaster. Some users associate the emoji with Japan instead of using the nation’s flag. Because of this, the tea emoji rose to fame again during the promotions and events from the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Most platforms added steam to the icon’s design while some focused on the green liquid’s details.

As the most popular platforms, Apple, Samsung, Google, and Facebook each feature distinct tea emojis. Facebook’s version stands out not only for its barely-there steam detailing. Plus, it also lacks the usual coaster underneath the cup. If you look closely, their rendition also features small puffs of steam on top of the green liquid. Unlike most tea emojis, the famous social media platform animated tea inside a simple black teacup.

The rest of the tea emojis all use a simple white teacup. Like most of its emojis, Apple’s developers designed its Teacup Without Handle Emoji with 3D details that shadows and smoke-like steam. You can also see similar colors and tones on Google’s and JoyPixel’s respective renditions. However, they animated their tea with two long puffs of steam. Meanwhile, Samsung’s tea emoji simply appears with a white teacup with green liquid and a dark brown coaster.

Unlike all available tea emojis, Skype’s version went for a completely different design. Famous for its moving emojis, Skype offers a glass of steaming hot tea in its selection of icons. The developers modeled their rendition after the famous chai tea. Because of this, the platform’s overall design differs and stands out among all emoji keyboards. Contrary to other icons, the chai tea emoji features the look of steaming brown liquid inside a transparent drinking glass.


Encouraging Others To Relax With The Tea Emoji

Japanese Matcha Tea

Image from Adobe Stock

A lot of people appreciate a nice hot cup of tea, especially during cold seasons. Thanks to our emoji keyboards, it’s a lot more fun when inviting our friends and loved ones for tea. Using messages or posts, the tea emoji adds a more relaxing flair to online conversations. You can also get more creative when adding additional emojis to the tea icon. We suggest adding fruits or flowers to the tea you wish to drink. Plus, you can also include other food and beverage emojis for more clarity. Here are a few examples of emoji sets you can make with the tea emoji.

​🍵🍬🍪​ – Want to have tea with sweets and cookies?

🍱🍙🍣🍵🤤 – I’m craving some Japanese food and tea.

🍵☕😋 – Let’s have some coffee or tea!

🐸🍵 – But that’s none of my business.

🐸👀🍵 – Spill the tea (gossip).

🍵💤😴 – I need tea to sleep.

🍵🥛🍯 – Tea with Milk and Honey

🧊🍵 – Iced Tea

🥛🍵 – Milk Tea

🍎🍵 – Apple Tea

🍑🍵 – Peach Tea

🍋🍵 – Lemon Tea

🍦🍵 or 🍨🍵 – Matcha Ice Cream

​🐔​🍵​ – Chicken soup

​🍅​🍵​ – Tomato Soup


Frog And Tea Emoji Combination Meme

Kermit the Frog Sipping Tea Meme

Image from imgflip meme generator

People’s love for memes continues to live on thanks to several emoji keyboard updates. One of the most meme-related combinations includes the tandem of the tea and the 🐸 Frog emoji. The two emojis refer to the Kermit the Frog meme where he sips tea while staring out the window.

People who use the 🐸🍵 or 🐸👀🍵 mean to say the phrase “But that’s none of my business.” Those who include the 👀 Eyes emoji emphasize the phrase “Spill the tea.”  The two phrases are associated with reactions of people online upon learning of unexpected gossip or rumors. The phrase can be traced to the 18th and early 19th centuries. At that time, most women loved talking about rumors and news while enjoying tea. In writing, the 1994 non-fiction novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” includes the phrase in its content. Author John Berendt wrote it for a drag queen’s dialogue in the book.


Relaxing With Hot Beverages

Relaxing with Tea

Image from Adobe Stock

Did you ever wonder why we feel relaxed when seeing icons like the tea emoji? What makes a hot cup of tea so relaxing no matter what the weather? Well, the answer to both those questions lies in its warm temperature. We feel at ease with every sip thanks to the amino acid called L-theanine. It aids in reducing the mental or physical strain we encounter with our daily activities. It also gives us a moment of calmness after a stressful day.

Drinking tea plays an important part in Asian and European traditions. The habit was eventually spread throughout the globe when travel and emigration became possible. Nowadays, some people drink tea like most Asians, sipping he hot beverage during meals. Meanwhile, others enjoy tea like the Brits, sweet with milk and a side of cookies or pastries. Unlike coffee, not all teas contain too much caffeine. Because of this, tea lovers manage to stay awake without getting too addicted to the drug. They get energy thanks to the tea’s relaxing properties. The tea’s animated version in emojis instantly reminds receivers of the drink’s calming properties. You may not taste the tea but the image alone helps you remember what it feels like.


The Debut Of The Boba Tea Or Bubble Tea Emoji

bubble tea emoji

With the continuous popularity of Japanese matcha, more people learned to appreciate the flavors of milk tea with boba pearls. Because of this, some netizens started petitioning for the release of the Boba Tea or Bubble Tea emoji. Several newly-opened beverage establishments usually focus on serving these drinks. They usually follow the famous recipes based on the beloved Taiwanese drink.

Fans of the drink eventually succeeded in their pleas and got the emoji version released. The Bubble Tea or Boba Tea Emoji finally came into fruition as part of the new emojis released in 2020. The icon debuted as part of Unicode 13.0 and Emoji 13.0. Despite this, not all platforms offer the animated drink on their emoji keyboards. Fortunately, you can use it if you own Apple or Samsung devices. Plus, you may send it to your loved ones who use accounts in Google, WhatsApp, Twitter, and JoyPixels. All platforms that feature the new drink emoji each offer distinct designs. However, the details they have in common are the straw, boba pearls, and beige milk tea colors.


Taking A Break With Coffee And Tea Emojis

Green Tea and Coffee

Image from Adobe Stock

As mentioned, hot beverages like coffee and tea offer a relaxing atmosphere to almost anyone. Because of this, emoji developers decided to create the ☕ Hot Beverage emoji to their roster of icons. For more options, emoji keyboards eventually featured the 🍵 Teacup Without Handle emoji that we know and love today. People now use the two emojis to differentiate the meaning between coffee and tea. However, some people still stick to the old way of symbolizing the steaming hot white cup filled with dark-looking liquid.

In some work-related chats, you may encounter the ☕ coffee emoji or the 🍵 tea emoji to symbolize break time. The calm and relaxing aura associated with hot drinks fits well when talking about breaks. With this, the tea icon not only invites us to relax but also to some time to ease our worries.