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Explore different construction tools with the Pick emoji! This emoji shows one of the famous tools used for construction or mining. The emoji is designed as a two-end sharp curve in the color gray with a black bottom for a handle. This tool is useful to break solid materials like brick, rocks, or hardened cement.

You find this emoji being used by construction workers or miners when they want to show everyone online a day in their lives as their profession. Anyone can actually use this emoji, especially when they are showing their contribution to a new house or a new structural project.

This emoji can be used alongside the Construction Worker emoji and rock emoji, to emphasize more on their job description. You can also include the Warning Sign emoji, to remind everyone that this tool should be handled with caution.

If you are a Minecraft gamer, then emoji is perfect for you because a pick is one of the famous tools used to build basic structures in the game, you can use the Sword emoji and Axe emoji to represent more tools used in Minecraft.

Just remember not to be confused with the Hammer emoji because they look quite similar in looks and in color.

⛏️ Pick is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 5.2 which was introduced in 2009, and was added to Emoji 0.7.

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minecraft emoji

shovel emoji

pickaxe emoji

hoe emoji

mine emoji

digging emoji

miner emoji

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Pick Emoji History

Pick Emoji is created in the year 2009.

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