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Go nowhere else but up with the Up Arrow emoji! This emoji shows a blue square with a white arrow facing upward inside it.

The up emoji does convey a lot of positive meanings. This is a direct meaning for rising above, positive progression, and being on top. If you find yourself working on your goals, and making progress, you can use this emoji to express that.

This emoji can also be used to indicate direction, you can message someone to look up and see you waving from your apartment balcony or maybe even look up at an airplane you are onboard in.

You can also use this emoji to point out an important part of an email or any letter that you want readers to emphasize on. Even in casual messaging, use this emoji to tell your friend to look back at important conversations you had with them.

The arrow up emoji can also express emotion, especially the excited and happy ones. You can use this emoji alongside the Partying Face emoji or the Star Struck emoji. The Motorway emoji and Car emoji can also be associated with this emoji, indicating to go in a straight direction.

The arrow emojis are one of the least used emojis but if you become creative with them, it will surely convey unique messages that would make a conversation exciting and interesting.

⬆️ Up Arrow is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 4.0 which was introduced in 2003, and was added to Emoji 0.6.

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This Up Arrow Is Also Known As:

up arrow

up emoji

arrow up emoji

arrow pointing up emoji

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Up Arrow Emoji History

Up Arrow Emoji is created in the year 2003.

Up Arrow Emoji Unicode Data