white cane 🦯

Be familiar with one of the important tools for the disabled community with the white cane emoji. This emoji represents a guide for blind people. 

The white cane emoji was first adopted by the International White Cane Safety Day in 1971. The day is observed annually on October 15th to raise awareness of the skills and independence of people who are blind or have low vision. 

The emoji is a stylized representation of a white cane used by people who need a replacement for their eyes. You can also use the smiling face with sunglasses emoji, to also represent what the blind people use often. 

It is used as a symbol of support and solidarity for the blind and visually impaired community. In recent years, the white cane emoji has been widely used on social media to show support for the blind and visually impaired community. You can also drop the person in manual wheelchair emoji and the deaf person emojiIt can be used alongside other emojis, such as the person with white cane emoji and the service dog emoji to represent an adorable guide. You can also drop the red heart emoji or the white heart emoji to show support and solidarity for people with disabilities.

🦯 White Cane is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 which was introduced in 2019, and was added to Emoji 12.0.

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This White Cane Is Also Known As:

probing cane

walking stick

visually impaired stick

accessibility stick

white cane

blind walking stick

probing staff

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White Cane Emoji History

White Cane Emoji is created in the year 2019.

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