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Get all glammed up with the Nail Polish emoji! This emoji shows a nail polish brush stroking nail polish on three fingernails. Some platforms use the purple-colored nail polish, while the other apps use red-colored nail polish. It is probably because these colors are striking and easy to see in such small emojis.

Nail polish is also known as nail varnish. It is a lacquer that is safe to paint on human fingernails and toenails. The point of having a manicure or pedicure is to add extra color and style to the nails. Nail polish comes in a variety of colors, ranging from dark tones to cute pastel colors so that it can fit to anyoneโ€™s liking.

The nail polish emoji can mean that you are having a day of relaxation like a massage, a hot shower, and even getting a manicure and pedicure. Pair it with the Person Getting Massage emoji or the Person in Steamy Room emoji. This emoji can also be used when posting pictures of an all-girl night out gossip and laughs, prohibiting any boy from crashing the party.

Getting manicures and pedicures are a form of self-pampering and care, and using the nail polish emoji can also simply indicate that you are loving yourself, and accepting yourself wholeheartedly. You can even include a Red Heart emoji or a Woman Dancing emoji to emphasize it even more.

Lastly, this emoji can also be used in online feminism campaigns. Any group or community that fights for women justice and respect can be seen using this emoji in their social media platforms. Using emojis can convey strong messages after all.

๐Ÿ’… Nail Polish is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010.

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This Nail Polish Is Also Known As:

nail polish

nails emoji

nail emoji

emoji with nails

painting nails emoji

nail care emoji

manicure emoji

fingernail emoji

nail painting emoji

pedicure emoji

Nail Polish Emoji On Different Platforms

Nail Polish Emoji Frequency

This emoji is currently the 172 ranked emoji on social media platforms.

Nail Polish Emoji History

Nail Polish Emoji is created in the year 2010.

Nail Polish Emoji Unicode Data