money-mouth face 🤑

Share the Money-Mouth face emoji when money makes you so excited, you’re simply salivating everywhere! This emoji shows a yellow face with dollar signs for eyes, and a tongue that looks like a green dollar banknote. Some platforms show the eyes as dollar coins or have elevated brows.

Most of the time, the Money-Mouth face emoji is used to express a love of wealth or an extreme involvement in money. Like the Money Bag emoji, and Bank Note emoji, the money mouth emoji is used to express ideas related to money, wealth, basically anything luxurious and expensive.

Sometimes, the Money-Mouth face is known by a different name. In certain platforms, it is referred to as the cash face emoji, the money face emoji, or simply, money face.

A perfect application of this money face emoji would be to think of a person reacting to something lavish and totally out of their league. It could be a fancy hotel, nice pair of shoes, anything high-key, hip or enticing. Ka-ching! You can also use this emoji, if you’ve ever suddenly gotten a large sum of money, and you can’t wait to celebrate!


🤑 Money-mouth Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 8.0 which was introduced in 2015.

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This Money-mouth Face Is Also Known As:

money-mouth face

money face emoji

money eyes emoji

rich emoji

money mouth emoji

dollar sign eyes emoji

dollar eyes emoji

cash emoji face

cash face emoji

Money-mouth Face Emoji History

Money-mouth Face Emoji is created in the year 2015.

Money-mouth Face Emoji In Other Languages

Money-mouth Face 🤑Money-mouth Face Emoji 吐钱脸 🤑吐钱脸 表情符号 Geldzuchtig Gezicht 🤑Geldzuchtig Gezicht Emoji Argent Dans Le Visage Et La Bouche 🤑Argent Dans Le Visage Et La Bouche Emoji Geld Mund Gesicht 🤑Geld Mund Gesicht Emoji पैसे से भरे मुँह वाला चेहरा 🤑पैसे से भरे मुँह वाला चेहरा इमोजी Wajah Materialistis 🤑Wajah Materialistis Emoji Faccina Dei Soldi 🤑Faccina Dei Soldi Emoji お金の口の顔 🤑お金の口の顔 絵文字 입에서 돈이 나오는 얼굴 🤑입에서 돈이 나오는 얼굴 이모티콘 Cara De Dinheiro 🤑Cara De Dinheiro Emoji Лицо с жаждой наживы 🤑Лицо с жаждой наживы Эмодзи Cara Del Dinero En La Boca 🤑Cara Del Dinero En La Boca Emoji Mukhang May Pera Sa Bibig 🤑Mukhang May Pera Sa Bibig Emoji وجه بفم تخرج منه النقود 🤑وجه بفم تخرج منه النقود إيموجي

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