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Enter the sci-fi world, get into a fun and futuristic mood, share the Robot emoji to tell everyone how you’re feeling! This symbol shows a toy robot face with round eyes, knobs for ears, an antenna on top, and a grill-like mouth. This type of robot is a common sight in many classic sci-fi films and cartoons. The Robot emoji appears mostly in topics related to technology, robots, artificial science, and so on and so forth. This icon may be used in a positive or negative manner. Sometimes people post the Robot emoji when describing a soulless and emotionless artificial creature. He or she is a person so devoid of emotion they’re like a robot with a robot face!

In addition, the Robot emoji may be combined with other icons to describe a certain thing or action that’s got a robot in its name. Examples of this would be the Robcop, or the robot dance. And, don’t be confused when you see a shortened version of the Robot emoji’s name, sometimes the Robot emoji is called the emoji bot, or bot emoji. Nicknames are common in the emoji world, and as we all know, bot is just short for robot.

🤖 Robot is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 8.0 which was introduced in 2015.

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This Robot Is Also Known As:

robot face emoji

bot emoji

cyborg emoji

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Robot Emoji History

Robot Emoji is created in the year 2015.

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