The ๐Ÿ™ƒ Upside Down Emoji And Other Emojis To Get You Through The Day

Written by: Ortega
Modified: May 30, 2022

Famous poet Robert Frost once said, “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” Isn’t that the truth? Humor is a great way to deal with stress. Jokes and witty conversation make you feel closer to the surrounding people, whether in real life or online. In addition to that, did you know that a great way to inject a little fun into your emails, online messages, and chats is through emojis?

Oh, yes! Since emojis have different faces, they can show various shades of emotion, from happiness to depression to laughter, even sarcasm! In fact, some of the funniest emojis out there are the 🙃 Upside Down emoji, 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji, and 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji.

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Why don’t we get to know these hilarious emojis a little more by learning not just what they mean but also how they can spice up our digital life.


Upside Down Face Emoji

Upside Down Face. Upside Down Face emoji

The 🙃 Upside Down emoji or the 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji is a yellow smiley turned upside down. It is commonly used to convey sarcasm or irony. In short, if you want to say “oh well,” in emoji, use the 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji.

Example: I need to finish three presentations for the client meeting tomorrow 🙃

Other Meanings Of The 🙃 Upside Down Face Emoji


The 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji also represents silliness. If you’re in a goofy mood, or you want to describe someone or something that is goofy, the 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji serves as a great supplement to your text 🙃

Example: I was in a silly mood, so I called up Pizza Hut and asked for McDonald’s 🙃

In An Upside-Down Position

This is pretty self-explanatory. When you are talking about someone or something in an upside-down position, the 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji is used to convey that.

Example: The electrician went to our apartment to fix the wires in our ceiling and the floor upstairs and he was there the whole time 🙃

Calm But Panicking Inside

Need we say more?

When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation, and you are trying to look calm but you are secretly panicking inside, and you want to subtly let people know, you know what emoji to use!

Example: It’s already 11pm and I need to study for five tests tomorrow. It’s all cool, really 🙃


Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji

Face With Rolling Eyes. Rolling Eyes emoji, Eye Roll, Eye Roll emoji

The 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji shows a face with a flat mouth and large, wide eyes rolling upwards. This is an emoji that is definitely not hard to understand. Think of all the reasons that would make you roll your eyes in person; these are the same reasons you’d use the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji.

The 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji is used to show sassiness or sarcasm. Many people see this symbol as the emoji world’s answer to sarcasm font, and we really can’t argue with that!

You’ve got to be careful with the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji, though; it has a stronger tone than the 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji, so you’ve got to be cautious about whom you use it with.

Some people see sarcasm as rude and negative, while others use it to express themselves. If you’re feeling stressed about something and you’re talking to someone not offended by sarcasm, use the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji. Humor and sarcasm is a good way to let off steam and to rid your body of all that negative energy.

Example: If each day is a gift, point me to customer service so I can return this one 🙄

Other Meanings Of The 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji

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When you see someone doing something annoying, and you want to show your annoyance, the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji will do the job for you. You can use the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji alone, or at the end of a sentence to put more emphasis on how you’re feeling.

Example: I think I’ve had enough. Aileen keeps on raising her voice at work, disturbing everyone around her cubicle 🙄


This one is simple enough. If a situation is making you feel irritated or provoked, the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji expresses how you’re feeling.

Example: Jenna is taking so long in the washroom. I need to talk to her now about a report she submitted 🙄


Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji

Face With Tears Of Joy, Face With Tears Of Joy emoji, Crying While Laughing emoji

Named word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary, the 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji is the most popular in the world. Yes, even more in demand than the silly 🙃 Upside Down Face emoji, and the sassy 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji!

The 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji is a smiley stuck between sobbing and laughing. It has a pair of uplifted eyebrows, a big, open laugh, and tears coming from each eye. Many people use the 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji to express the overwhelming highs and lows of life. It shows both laughter and tears with a single symbol!

Example: When you attend a concert and the singer plays a love song and the couples beside you are kissing and hugging 😂 #singleproblems

Other Meaning Of The 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji


Another popular use of the 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji is to express amusement at one’s self or someone else when they did something funny and embarrassing.

Example: I forgot my keys at home for the nth time today. What is wrong with me? 😂

On a final note, here’s one other advantage to using the 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji – since it’s really, really popular, you’ll also be getting good engagement online since a lot of people are familiar with it!


Rolling On The Floor Laughing Emoji

Rolling On The Floor Laughing emoji, Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Every now and then you’ll see something that will make you laugh so hard. If you lose your balance, you’ll fall hard on the floor with laughter. If you know what we’re saying, and you want to express that moment online, the 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing emoji is for you.

Meaning Of The 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing Emoji

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The 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing emoji is for those moments when you’re just overwhelmed in the merriment of laughter, forgetting, for a short moment, every hardship and sorrow in life. It doesn’t have any double meaning because it is what it is: PURE LAUGHTER.

Example: JoKoy’s Netflix series got me 🤣 the whole time!


Dashing Away Emoji

Dashing Away emoji, Dashing Away, Cloud Of Smoke emoji, Cloud Of Smoke, In A Hurry

At first glance, the 💨 Dashing Away emoji doesn’t seem like it is humorous. The emoji shows a small cloud with motion lines. It commonly conveys speed, rushing off, smoke, etc.

Meaning Of The 💨 Dashing Away Emoji

But it can be used in a funny way! Imagine this-when someone teases you online, and you want to make a quick getaway. The 💨 Dashing Away emoji is for you. It helps you avoid a situation in a funny way, without offending anyone. Adding a hint of hilarity is how the smoke looks like one of those cartoon characters that quickly run away, simultaneously leaving a trail of smoke behind them.

Road Runner, is that you?

Roadrunner, Roadrunner cartoon

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Example: I caught you smiling at Jen during the meeting! Other people noticed!

You: Umm….💨


Pile Of Poo Emoji

Pile Of Poo, Poo, Feces, Poo emoji, Pile Of Poo emoji

Do you want to make your friends laugh? Are you trying to tell someone, “I’m not taking any crap from you today?”

Send a 💩 Pile Of Poo emoji to tell that person off in a funny, but direct way! The 💩 Pile Of Poo emoji shows a swirly lump of brown poop with big, happy eyes and a wide, cute smile. It is often used to replace the words crap or shit since the emoji is literally a pile of feces.

So, anytime you want to say things like, “I don’t give a shit,” or that thing or place is crap, you know what to do!

Example: Bad storyline, bad acting, that movie was 💩
Example: I had a cheese sandwich yesterday, but forgot to check the expiration date! Oops! 💩


Face With Tongue Emoji

Face With Tongue, Face With Tongue emoji, Face With Stuck-Out Tongue, Face With Stuck-Out Tongue emoji

We’ve all been there… when you’re joking with your friends and you make a cheeky comment. You went right for it, you didn’t care! If you’re afraid it might not be taken well by everyone, the 😛 Face With Tongue emoji signifies that you’re kidding.

The 😛 Face With Tongue emoji is a smiley with a wide grin and its tongue sticking out. It is used to convey a sense of teasing or joking.

Example: I saw you go up to that girl in the bar, you Casanova you! 😛

Other Meanings Of The 😛 Face With Tongue Emoji


The 😛 Face With Tongue emoji evokes a silly mood, like it’s kind of saying, “I’m embarrassed by the dumb thing I did, but I’ll own up to it!” 😛

Example: I walked to the drive-thru of McDonald’s to place my order 😛

Playfully Sexy

The 😛 Face With Tongue emoji also injects a sexy but playful tone into your text. This means that, if you want to tease someone in a sexy way, put the 😛 Face With Tongue emoji at the end of your joke.

Simply put, if goofy and frisky had a kid, you bet their offspring would be the 😛 Face With Tongue emoji!

Example: You are such bad news, how do I know we won’t go to jail if we hang out? 😛
Example: So, you’re a lawyer? Guess I got to be careful around you! 😛



In every language, there are always inside jokes, a play on words, and funny phrases to make you laugh. The same thing applies to emojis, the language of the heart. Teasing, sharing jokes, and telling funny stories are quick and easy ways to build camaraderie. Doesn’t it feel good, too? To laugh, to smile, to share happiness with people? ๐Ÿ™‚

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But what we must not forget is that humor is subjective. Nothing is universally funny or objectively funny, and everyone has their own way of seeing things, so we’ve got to make sure we’re not crossing the line. If someone is touchy about a certain topic, don’t make a joke about it, as simple as that.

That being said, let’s always make time to laugh. To laugh alone, or to laugh with others! Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air and stimulates your muscles, lungs, and heart. It truly is the best medicine!