Flower Emojis: 🌼 Freshen Up Your Content With πŸ’ Lovely Blooms

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Mar 22, 2022

Flowers are one of nature’s most stunning creations. For centuries, they’ve been worshiped as objects of beauty by nearly every civilization on the planet. Truly, no house or living space is complete without flowers. Flowers are perfect for brightening up a room, and in the virtual world, they are just as amazing. Thanks to the wonders of technology, one is able to experience the beauty of flowers through flower symbols like flower emojis.

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If you want to add a fresh and floral touch to your messages, social media posts, chats, or emails, there’s no better emoji than a flower emoji! Share them whether you want to talk about a specific flower, or simply jazz up a nice message.

In addition, flower emojis can be used to show care, concern, or if you have romantic feelings for someone. Additionally, if you would like to ask for forgiveness. Other users send flower emojis when talking about special events, like weddings.


Flower Emojis Of All Kinds

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What makes them even more awesome is that there are quite a variety to choose from! From classic kinds like the 🌻 Sunflower and 🌹 Rose to the more exotic blooms like the 🌺 Hibiscus or 🏵️ Rosette, each and every flower emoji has its own beauty, use, and special meaning.

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Flower emojis convey different emotions, thoughts, or moods to the person who receives them. With that in mind, before you share any one of them online, it’s important to be familiar with what they mean, and how to best use them.

That’s what we will be teaching you today. To help you with that, we’re breaking down the most popular flower emojis. Read on to know how to use them in the best way.

Sunflower Emoji

Sunflower emoji, flower emojis, sunflower illustration

The 🌻 Sunflower emoji shows a picture of a sunflower, a flower with big and bright yellow petals. It has a brown center and green stem. The yellow color of the sunflower represents vitality, intelligence, and happiness. Yellow is also traditionally associated with friendship. Send this to your friends to show them how much you appreciate them!

Because of their resemblance to the sun, which is associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light and truth, sunflowers also symbolize worship and faithfulness in various religions. Sunflowers were used as a symbol of the Sun God by the Incas, and they were brought to temples for worship. Sunflowers were also worn by the priestesses on their garments and as crowns. Send this to your loved ones to remind them to keep the faith!


Cherry Blossom Emoji

Cherry Blossom emoji, Apple version of the Cherry Blossom emoji, flower emojis

The 🌸 Cherry Blossom emoji shows a pink flower from a cherry blossom tree. The flower is light pink in color. It has five petals and a yellow or white center. The Cherry Blossom is widely known as Japan’s national flower.

Cherry blossoms have a particularly interesting meaning, one which varies from country to country. They are a symbol of femininity, strength, power, and love in China. In Japan, the annual display of cherry blossoms is celebrated, and it has influenced poetry, art, and film for many years. Some people believe that the cherry blossom is a metaphor for human existence and the beauty of life, because they are beautiful but only last for a short time.


Rose Emoji

Rose emoji, Apple version of the Rose emoji, flower emojis

You can’t have a list of flowers, and not talk about one of the most famous, loved, and luxurious flowers, known for its exceptional beauty and scent. We are talking about the rose, of course! By far, the most popular of all flowering shrubs. Its virtual counterpart, the 🌹 Rose emoji, shows a red rose and its green stem.

The rose is commonly used as a symbol of love and romance. Its digital equivalent has the same meaning. No other flower states love and passion quite as effectively as the red rose. If you want to tell someone you have romantic feelings for them, share the rose emoji, they will immediately know what you mean!


Hibiscus Emoji

Hibiscus emoji, Apple version of the Hibiscus emoji, flowers emoji

The 🌺 Hibiscus emoji shows a single pink hibiscus flower, an upright, double-flowered shrub with a yellow stamen. Hibiscus flowers are shaped like trumpets, and they usually have brightly-colored, ruffled petals. The long colorful protruding stamens that emerge from the center of most hibiscus flowers are a distinguishing feature of the flower.

Hibiscus flowers have traditionally been associated with delicate beauty, unity, and peace. Thus, you’ll see the hibiscus emoji in conversations related to these topics. Because it grows in tropical and warm climates, this flower can also connote a summery vibe, happiness, and warmth.


Tulip Emoji

Tulip emoji, flower emojis, Apple version of the Tulip emoji

Marking the halfway point in our flower emojis countdown is the 🌷 Tulip emoji. This emoji shows a pink tulip flower, with a green stem and two green leaves underneath. Tulips are named after the Persian word for turban, as they resemble a turban when in full bloom.

The tulip emoji is most often seen in posts related to beauty, romance, flowers, and gardening. They’re often used to show affection, caring, well-wishes, and love. Although not as deep or passionate as red tulips, they do represent love. Pink tulips are ideal for sending to friends and family to show them how much you care.


Rosette emoji

Rosette emoji, Apple version of the Rosette emoji, flower emojis

The 🏵️ Rosette emoji is a colored illustration of a rosette, a yellow-and-orange ornament folded to look like a rose. This flower-shaped decor is frequently presented as an award, and a ribbon or medal is often placed on top of it.

Because rosettes grow so close to the ground, the rosette emoji represents being ‘down to earth’ and humble. It can also refer to a ribbon worn as a prize, or in support of someone, or something. Use this symbol when talking about accomplishments, flowers, decorations, or awards!


Wilted Flower Emoji

Wilted Flower emoji, Apple version of the Wilted Flower emoji

One of the more depressing entries in our flower emojis list, the 🥀 Wilted Flower emoji shows a limp flower drooping to one side, with one of its petals falling to the ground. The flower has a green stem and two leaves. On most platforms, the flower resembles a rose.

This particular symbol is rarely used in reference to a dead flower, and is more often used to express or convey sad emotions, like a lack of hope or disillusionment. Share this with your family and friends to tell them you’re not in a good place, and in desperate need of cheering up!


Blossom Emoji

Blossom emoji, Apple version of the Blossom emoji, flower emojis

This emoji is a picture of a flower that has blossomed. Unlike the Cherry Blossom, the 🌼 Blossom emoji does not depict or represent a particular type of flower. It is basically a yellow flower with petals of equal shapes and sizes. Some platforms have white flowers instead of yellow, and green stems.

The blossom emoji does not represent a specific flower, but rather a stage of development in the life of a flower. It refers to a fully bloomed flower, ready to spread beauty and joy wherever it goes. Share this symbol if you, or the one you’re giving this to, feels like or is like a flower in full bloom, ready and raring to take on the world!

In a more general sense, along with the other flower emojis, the blossom emoji represents the beauty of nature, or beauty in general.


White Flower Emoji

White Flower emoji, Apple version of the White Flower emoji, flower emojis

The 💮 White Flower emoji shows a drawing of a circular white flower with a pink or reddish outline that runs the length of the flower. The emoji has Japanese writing in the center of the flower. When translated, the words mean “Very Well Done,” a mark or a stamp generally used by teachers.

The drawing represents a flower from a Japanese cherry blossom tree; however, it should not be confused with the actual 🌸 Cherry Blossom emoji. Think of it as the more generic variety.

The White Flower emoji often appears in topics of conversations related to Japan. Naturally, Japanese people and fans of Japanese culture share the emoji a lot. Some use it as a symbol of art and poetry. It signifies love, gratitude, and happiness to an extent, as well! Share the white flower emoji if there is something about Japanese culture you like very much, whether it’s a trip you recently made to Japan, or a Japanese movie you saw.


Bouquet Emoji

Bouquet emoji, Apple version of the Bouquet emoji

Who does not want to receive a bouquet of flowers? Sending a bouquet of flowers to someone is one of the sweetest things you can ever do. Flowers are a well-known symbol of romance and appreciation, after all! If for some reason or the other you can’t send a real-life bouquet, why not try a bouquet emoji in the meantime?

The 💐 Bouquet emoji shows a bunch of violet and yellow flowers with green stems. The stems are tied together and the flowers are facing different angles. Although the design of this emoji may vary from platform to platform the colors remain the same.

The bouquet emoji is used to express warm wishes, greetings, love, affection, happiness, or even congratulations. It can sometimes have sort of a wedding vibe to it when used to refer to a bridal bouquet.



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There’s nothing better than having beautiful flowers to brighten up your online AND real-time environment. Flower emojis add color and beauty to emails, text messages, and social media feeds. In turn, actual flowers provide a natural, graceful touch to home decor.

Follow Rules

When you finally get to work don’t forget that flowers, and flower emojis come with their own set of rules, too.

First up, flower emojis are still emojis. Emojis should add to your message, NOT be the message, so try not to put too many emojis in there.

If they need to be in the middle of a sentence, make sure the sentence will still make sense once you read it aloud. We get it, emojis are cute, but try not to get too swept up in your emotions, so much so, you find yourself posting 10 🌹 Rose emojis at a time. Remember, we rely on them to say what words can’t, so if you post in that manner, people might think you are shouting.

In real life, don’t forget the basic rules of flower arranging, too, like how to practice proportion, balance, and harmony. When arranging flowers in a vase, the size of the flowers, container, and foliage should all be in proportion to each other. For example, a small pink Hibiscus flower might look out of proportion arranged in a tall vase.

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Conversely, don’t let too many rules take the fun out of what you’re doing. Stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively. Trust us when we say, down the line, a fresh set of eyes from time to time will make all the difference! Enjoy your deep dive into the fascinating world of flowers!