๐Ÿคจ Raised Eyebrow Emoji: Combinations for the Suspicious Face

Written by: Bernice

Most mammals are born with eyebrows. They are these little hairs that grow above our eyelids and on the ridges of our brows. Eyebrows exist for two reasons: to prevent debris from falling onto our eyes and for facial expressions.

We have a wide variety of eyebrow expressions that signal surprise, joy, sadness, excitement, and suspicion. Humans are generally expressive and eyebrows allow effective communication about how the other is feeling. While these expressions are effective in person, online communication makes it difficult because we can’t see the other person’s physical face. Luckily, people have developed a solution to counteract this issue in the form of emojis.

Emojis with faces in particular are the highlight of expressing human emotions on the Internet. Developers designed them in such a way that they mimic what most people’s facial expressions look like. The same can be said with memes that feature still or GIF photos that show distinct facial features clearly.

variety of raised eyebrow emojis

However, emoji language has also evolved over the years. Many emojis now substitute for other meanings. An example would be the 🍆 Eggplant emoji or the 🍑 Peach emoji. So, when we talk about the 🤨 Raised Eyebrow emoji, it no longer just represents the suspicious face. It now belongs to a group known as suspicious emojis that people use on social media platforms to describe being doubtful.

The raised eyebrow emoji is still widely used despite being surrounded by other questioning emojis. This is because the raised eyebrow is the actual suspicious face we make when we’re doubtful of the information being given to us.

So, how do we amplify or set the proper tone for our intentions when using the raised eyebrow emoji? A few examples of these raised eyebrow emoji combinations can help you get started.


Raised Eyebrow Emoji and Meme Variants

face with raised eyebrow emoji

Before we can begin learning the different emoji combinations, we should first learn about the raised eyebrow emoji. Developers officially titled this emoji as the “Face with One Eyebrow Raised.” It is also known by other nicknames such as Colbert and the Rock. This is because of a few memes that went viral on the Internet. Stephen Colbert, an American comedian, went viral for his facial expression on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The meme shows his eyebrows raised and staring intensely at the camera.

Meanwhile, the Rock also went viral as the popular meme “the rock sus” or “the rock eyebrow raise” when he was caught on camera with his eyebrows raised. That is why when searching on Google for “eyebrow guy,” the two artists pop up. However, raising eyebrows are also possible for animals. The dog eyebrow raise meme also went viral.

It’s important to note that the raised eyebrow emoji has no connection to the sus face meme. This is because the sus face meme is associated with Jerma, a Twitch streamer, and is about carelessness.

The raised eyebrow emoji has furrowed eyebrows, with the left eyebrow significantly higher than the right one. Its mouth is usually depicted with a straight line, making it seem unconvinced and disapproving of whatever is being said. Despite being an international gesture used, the raised eyebrow was only approved in the Unicode around 2017. Fortunately, it still made waves across the Internet, gaining fame over the years.


Raised Eyebrow Emoji Combinations

Now that we know about the raised eyebrow emoji and its meme variants, it’s about time we learn about other members of the suspicious emoji group and the combinations we can use to describe our feelings perfectly. While not all of the possible combinations are listed below, these are a few examples that can get you started in practicing using these emojis.


No Eyebrows Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojiface without mouth emojiNeutral Face emoji

It might sound strange but using the no eyebrows emoji combination relates to the raised eyebrow emoji. The no eyebrows emoji is a combination of two other emojis — the 😶 Face Without Mouth emoji and the 😐 Neutral Face emoji.

The face without mouth emoji features only two eyes and no mouth or eyebrows. You will find this emoji seems expressionless at first glance. However, thanks to the development of emojis, the face without mouth emoji began to symbolize emptiness, disappointment, and sadness. The neutral face emoji, which features a thin straight line, also seems apathetic to whatever is being said. But social media users creatively established this emoji to describe frustration, concern, or betrayal — depending on the context.

The no eyebrows emoji combination describes disappointment and frustration at someone. Just like the raised eyebrow emoji, the no eyebrows emoji combination has hints of suspicion against the other person. If you send this to another person, you are excessively doubting their statements or got hurt and annoyed by them. However, you can also use this emoji combination as an implication that you know they are lying to you.

Additionally, it can also imply increasing doubt if you add the raised eyebrow emoji alongside these two other emojis. By placing the raising eyebrow emoji before the other two emojis, you are describing the transitions of your emotions. From doubt to disappointment and then betrayal.


Sus Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojiQuestion Mark, Question Mark emoji, Question Mark symbol, Red Question MarkThinking Face emoji

The next emoji combination on our list is the sus emoji combination. It includes the raised eyebrow emoji and the ❓ Question Mark emoji. This combination implies a strong doubt about what the other person is saying. This is because the red question mark emoji is used to emphasize a question or response. When using a bright red question mark, this describes the importance of learning the information. It can also imply the necessity of answering the question correctly.

However, adding the raised eyebrow emoji implies a whole new meaning. The raised eyebrow emoji adds the implication that you are already suspicious of the person you’re talking to. You can use this emoji combination in two different ways during a conversation.

The first way to use the sus emoji combination is to imply that you know they are lying. If someone tells you something you’re aware is false, sending the sus emoji combination to them will cause them to panic. This means you caught them lying on the spot and a fight might begin.

Another way of using the sus emoji combination is when you’re unsure about the information itself. You can add the 🤔 Thinking Face emoji to the combination to further the difference between the two uses. An example of this is when a person tells you something they think is true, but you believe otherwise. Unlike the previous way of using the sus emoji, this method counteracts the other person without aggression. This is because the thinking face implies a careful thought over the information being told before debating it.


Straight Face Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojimoai emojiFace Without Mouth emoji

You might be wondering what the Moai emoji has to do with the raised eyebrow emoji. Initially, the two emojis have nothing in common. However, the evolution of emoji language has given the Moai emoji a whole new meaning: keeping a straight face. Developers designed the Moai emoji similar to the Eastern Island Moai statues that scatter across their land. However, this emoji is also related to the Moyai statue in Shibuya, Tokyo, which has similar features to the Moai.

The 🗿 Moai emoji was intended to become a symbol of determination, Asian representation, and strength. However, it is also comically used to describe how a person feels when trying to keep a straight face. The same can be said with the face without mouth emoji.

You can use the two separately but together implies that you are trying to hold back something you wish to say. It’s possible to use the straight face emoji combination without being suspicious. An example of this would be hearing gossip you cannot believe but trying to hold in your shock. However, for suspicion, the straight face emoji implies that you are holding back on the other person.

If a person is lying to your face, the straight face emoji implies that you are well aware of it. However, it doesn’t tell the other person whether or not you are angry or mocking them. This adds intentional anxiety to the other person since they are unsure of what to say or do next. However, you can also use this emoji combination as a bluff to see if they would admit to lying on their own.


Suspicious Tea Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojitea emoji, Teacup Without Handle EmojiFrog Emoji, Frog Face Emoji

Up next on our list is the suspicious tea emoji combination. This combination comprises the teacup emoji, the 🐸 Frog Face emoji, and the raised eyebrow emoji. Without the raised eyebrow emoji, the teacup emoji and frog face emoji represents a different meaning: gossip.

When developers created the frog face emoji, it was to represent the amphibian itself. However, meme culture created Pepe the Frog and Kermit memes that sparked the frog face emoji into its representation. There is a specific image of Kermit sipping tea that has evolved into a “reaction meme.” This meme directly tells the viewer that “it’s none of my business, but-” which implies you know something and want to tell the other people but it’s nothing related to you.

Once you add the raised eyebrow emoji, the combination takes a whole other meaning. This means that you know gossip about someone that can be considered mischievous, sneaky, or can prove that the person being talked about is lying. An example of using this emoji is when your friend tells you that this person told them this, but you counteract it with something else you’re much more sure of. Adding the suspicious tea emoji combination describes gossiping about which information is accurate and who has the false information. While generally harmless to the people talking, the suspicious tea emoji can be considered slandering other people behind their back.


Questionable Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojiNeutral Face emojiQuestion Mark, Question Mark emoji, Question Mark symbol, Red Question Mark

We reach the questionable emoji combination, which is similar to the sus emoji and no eyebrows emoji combinations. It is a mixture of the two combinations with a new twist. By mixing the neutral face emoji’s uncaring expression and the red question mark emoji’s disbelieving tone, it becomes a less aggressive version of the no eyebrows emoji combination.

The red question mark emoji emphasizes the question and the neutral face implies a lack of care for the question being said. By adding the raised eyebrow emoji with these two other emojis, it implies that you are suspicious of the statement and a bit hurt by the lies, but prefer not to argue with it.

Unfortunately, this combination can also spark an argument. This is because the recipient can perceive this as you doubting them but feel that they are not worth the time to fight about it. This is because the questionable emoji can be perceived as a passive-aggressive combination.

You can use this emoji when someone tells you something you think is a lie. By doing so, you come across as apathetic about the situation but imply that you are doubtful they are telling you the truth. Another way of using this is when someone is defending another person or their opinion. This means that you refuse to argue with the person you are talking about, but do not agree with their statement and prefer to not cause any more arguments.


Shrug Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojiShug emoji, Apple version of the Shrug emoji

The shrug emoji on its own describes a nonchalant feeling. This is because the shrug emoji represents an international gesture we display when we don’t know or feel something is of no concern. The shrug emoji, also known as the 🤷 Person Shrugging emoji, mostly implies that you are not knowledgeable about the topic being discussed. However, you can also use this emoji to describe letting fate do its own job. Basically, the statement “whatever happens, happens” is physically represented by the person shrugging emoji.

In terms of suspicious emoji combinations, the shrug emoji combination is only applicable when the raised eyebrow emoji is next to it. This implies that you doubt what is being said but prefer not to say anything or argue about the situation. While the questionable emoji combination may imply the same thing, the shrug emoji combination is more passive and less prone to start arguments.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t absolve the other person from continuously trying to convince you that their statements are correct. The shrug emoji combination does describe a more genuine lack of care than other suspicious emoji combinations. This may come off as colder than the other ones as well because it means you are unaffected by the situation or statement and do not wish to discuss it further.


Chill Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojiProhibited emojiRelieved Face emojiOK Hand Emoji, Yes Emoji

The chill emoji combination comprises the raised eyebrow emoji, the 🚫 Prohibited Sign emoji, the 😌 Relieved Face emoji, and the 👌 OK Hand emoji. Just like the shrug emoji combination, this combination is more relaxed and passive compared to the rest on the list.

The prohibited sign emoji is an international symbol that tells people not to enter or do something within the premises. Meanwhile, the relieved face makes the facial expression that people make when they are relaxed and at peace. The OK hand emoji is also an international gesture that symbolizes you either agree or are compliant with the situation or what is being suggested.

Compiling these three emojis with the raised eyebrow emoji tells the receiver that you are rejecting any negativity and prefer to be calm about something or someone. When someone is telling you something you doubt or dislike, the chill emoji combination is perfect for telling them you wish to not speak about it further.

You can also use this combination when someone is relentless in persuading you. It emphasizes that you prefer no more anger or doubts and would like to have the topic laid to rest. It can also imply that you accept their beliefs, despite being doubtful, and wish to instead enjoy the rest of your day without any more debates.

However, you can also use this combination to declare that you are blocking a suspicious person out of your life to maintain stability in your life. By choosing to do so, you are also cutting them off but are not retaliating further in hopes of keeping the peace.


Confused Emoji Combination

Thinking Face emoji, Thinking Face, Thinking SmileyShug emoji, Apple version of the Shrug emojiExclamation Question Mark emoji, Exclamation Question Mark Punctuation

The confused emoji combination is a special type of suspicious emoji combination. This is because the raised eyebrow is not included but the thinking face, which features its eyebrows raised, the person shrugging, and the ⁉️ Exclamation Question Mark emoji.

Since we already know what the thinking face and person shrugging emoji are about, we will only tell you what the red exclamation question mark emoji symbolizes. While the question mark emoji emphasizes the question, the exclamation question mark describes confusion and shock with the information given. Just like the chill emoji combination and the shrug emoji combination, the confused emoji combination is not aggressive. Instead, it implies that you are confused about the topic and do not know what is the truth.

You can use this combination when you are given contradicting information. For example, one person tells you something, but another tells you a contradiction to the other information. This causes you to think about which one is true, be surprised by the mixed statements, and feel slowly apathetic about which one is real or not. Furthermore, the shrugging person implies that you genuinely have no clue which one is telling the truth.

However, you should also be careful about when to use this combination. This is because you can also come off as mocking the other person when using this. While it is less likely to trigger an argument, it does imply that you believe neither of the statements. This combination will also continue the topic, making the other two people continue to convince you to get on their side.


Traitors Emoji Combination

Exclamation Question Mark emoji, Exclamation Question Mark Punctuationpouting face emojimoai emoji

Feeling betrayed? The traitors emoji combination is perfect for when you catch someone trying to stab you in the back. However, it only works when you had just caught them doing so.

This emoji combination is composed of three emojis: the exclamation question mark emoji, the 😡 Pouting Face emoji, and the Moai emoji. We have discussed that the exclamation question mark emoji symbolizes shock and confusion. Additionally, the Moai emoji also represents trying to keep a straight face. However, the pouting emoji describes being furious at what is happening.

The pouting face emoji is a red-colored emoji with furrowed brows and a frowning mouth. It is similar to someone becoming so angry that their blood begins to boil in real life. So, when it is combined with the exclamation question mark and the Moai emojis, it takes a feeling of shock, betrayal, and forcing yourself to contain your anger.

Unlike the 🤬 Face With Symbols On Mouth emoji, the pouting face hasn’t said anything hurtful just yet. This implies that you are just about to get angry and are trying to maintain your composure with the Moai emoji. Additionally, the exclamation question mark adds that you are surprised by this, confused, and then feeling furious.

You can use this combination when you catch someone lying to your face. Unlike other combinations, the traitors emoji combination is less doubtful about the statement and more confused about why the other person would do this. It can also imply that you were caught off guard by the betrayal and unsure of the objective behind it.


No Thank You Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojimoai emoji person gesturing no emoji

The No Thank You emoji combination is made up of the raised eyebrow emoji, the Moai emoji, and the 🙅 Person Gesturing No emoji. It is more impersonal than the rest of the emoji combinations on this list. This is because you can use this combination not just for people you are close to, but also for strangers offering you something.

Unlike the raised eyebrow and the Moai emoji, the person gesturing no emoji has never been discussed on this list. The person gesturing with no emoji is a digital representation of what most people do to imply they are not interested. By crossing our arms over one another, we are implying rejection of something or someone. We can also use this gesture to deny a claim.

You being messaged by a person you haven’t spoken to about a dodgy business plan is one of the best examples of this combination. They could try to convince you that more money can be made with their plan on the side. This combination allows you to be more straightforward when they become too persistent.

You can also use this combination when talking with Internet strangers. When strangers privately message you and offer to meet up or other personal things you think are dangerous, the no thank you emoji is a polite way of telling this person you are not interested, you find them suspicious, and would like to not be involved further.


Dog Meme Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojidog face emoji

Our last three emoji combinations all include the raised eyebrow emoji and a representation of a viral meme. The first one is the dog meme emoji combination. By using a 🐶 Dog Face emoji next to the raised eyebrow emoji, you are referring to the popular image across the Internet where a dog is either looking sideways or have thick eyebrows painted or taped on them. The dogs in the pictures have eyes that look suspicious on their own. However, owners either tape the eyebrows raised to mimic suspicion or capture them looking sideways or squinting. Along with this image is a bit of context from a few words like “sus” or a relatable experience where you doubt something.

The dogs on the meme are a wide variety of breeds. However, the most famous one is a white dog with brown patches on its fur and drawn eyebrows. This combination refers to the dog meme but also implies a comical situation at hand.

You can use this emoji combination when something unlikely happens to you and you are suspicious of it. It is also possible to use this emoji combination to refer to acting like a dog. This is because owners prank these dogs constantly, but they remain loyal to their owners regardless. By using this dog meme emoji combination, you can also imply that the situation or person reminds you of the meme.


Colbert Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojiStudio Microphone emojitelevision emoji

The second to the last combination features the raised eyebrow, the 🎙 Studio Microphone emoji, and the 📺 Television emoji. They represent Stephen Colbert, a widely known celebrity and comedian. Most people recognize Colbert because of his iconic eyebrow-raised facial expression and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on TV.

However, Colbert has already been famous prior to the viral image of his eyebrows raised. He also hosted The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and The Late Show with his co-cast members.  Stephen Colbert is primarily famous for his comments on politics and the way he mocks the situation with both frustration and comedy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can only use the Colbert emoji combination when talking about Stephen Colbert. You can also use this combination when pointing out something ridiculous in politics just like him. You can also use the combination when discussing suspicious interviews with celebrities or politicians in hot water. A good example would be when Prince Andrew gave inaccurate statements filled with holes in his interview with BBC News.


The Rock Emoji Combination

face with raised eyebrow emojimoai emojirock emoji

The last on our list of suspicious emoji combinations is The Rock emoji combination. Just like the Colbert emoji combination, it refers to a specific celebrity and his facial expression. Dwayne Johnson, famously known as “the Rock”, was a successful wrestler who changed his career into acting. The Rock was also able to reach success in his acting career, garnering even more fame than his days in wrestling.

The Rock has since become a legend in Hollywood. He has starred in numerous comedy and action films. Recently, he was even the voice of Maui, a character in Disney’s animated film: Moana. However, the reference itself doesn’t refer to his career. Instead, it pinpoints a specific image of The Rock raising his eyebrows at someone. We are talking about that low-resolution image of him in his white shirt where he is raising one of his eyebrows exaggeratedly higher than the other.

The Rock has been raising his eyebrow on TV and the Internet before. However, the other images are either intimidating or in disbelief. Either way, the combination itself describes him with his eyebrows raised.

You can use this emoji combination to reference The Rock. This is because the 🪨 Rock emoji is a physical representation of his name. Meanwhile, ancient people carved the Moai rock into a face. The raised eyebrow emoji also describes his facial expression.



We hope you enjoyed learning about the different raised eyebrow emoji combinations.  Right now, most of us know the raised eyebrow as an international gesture. However, the progress of emoji language will spark more uses and substitute meanings for it as well. While emojis are a relatively new development in our lifestyle, they have made a heavy impact on the progress of our communication skills. While some people may not enjoy using emojis, it’s also important to learn the emoji language to properly discuss it with those who do.

If you ever begin to feel suspicious about a person’s intentions or disappointed in their actions, using these emoji combinations allows you to properly express your feelings. This is extremely necessary when the communication is long distance, allowing you and the person you’re talking with to understand each other better. Sometimes, even using emojis is better when you can’t properly convey your emotions with words.

Which of the emoji combinations did you like the most? There’s definitely one or two on the list that is more angry than concerned. Hopefully, there will be more emoji combinations for the raised eyebrow that you will find more specific to your needs. Until then, feel free to make your own style with emojis.