🀳🏼 Selfie Emoji: Increase The Fun Factor Of Your πŸ“Έ National Selfie Day Festivities With This Cool Emoji

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Jan 22, 2023

Selfie — the word conjures up eye-rolls, complaints, and taunting from one end, and support, excitement, and yas-es from the others.

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Whether you’re team selfie or team “selfies should be abolished,” one thing is for sure, the selfie – and all that comes with it – is definitely here to stay. The 🤳 Selfie emoji, selfie apps, and selfie filters — they are not going anywhere!

We are all selfie-obsessed – and it shows! Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are filled with self-portraits. Some people share full albums of their Mac Photo Booth sessions on Facebook. Others snap filtered photos of their outfits or caption a closeup with mild to extreme self-deprecation.


Selfie World

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Selfies have never in history been as popular as they are today. In fact, selfies even have their own holiday!

National Selfie Day is celebrated on June 21st every year. This day is the perfect time to go all out! Put on your best outfit, straighten your hair, find your lights, and strike a pose! This fantastic day would not have been possible without the smartphone and social media. Selfies have become a part of our lives in recent years; they are an excellent method to capture memories.

That said, if you would like to celebrate National Selfie Day with the 🤳 Selfie emoji, we’re here to show you how to do it in the best way possible.


Selfie Emoji

To begin, let’s go over some of the basic terminologies first – where to get it, how to use the 🤳 Selfie emoji, the symbol’s history, etc.


What Is The Selfie Emoji?

Selfie emoji, selfie, animated selfie

The 🤳 Selfie emoji shows an outstretched arm with a hand gripping a smartphone. It’s positioned in such a way that the phone’s camera is pointed at the holder, ready to capture a selfie or self-portrait. You’ll see this emoji in posts about selfies, jokes about selfies, or when sharing a selfie.

Skin Tone Variation 

Want to make your 🤳 Selfie emoji posts more realistic? If you do, then you’ll be glad to know that the 🤳 Selfie emoji comes in five skin color variations: 🤳🏻 Light Skin Tone Selfie, 🤳🏼 Medium-Light Skin Tone Selfie, 🤳🏽 Medium Skin Tone Selfie🤳🏾 Medium-Dark Skin Tone Selfie, and 🤳🏿 Dark Skin Tone Selfie. Go ahead – pick the one closest to the color of your flesh, or the skin color of the one you’re talking to, to give your posts a more personal touch.


What Does The Selfie Emoji Mean?

It usually refers to someone being asked to take a selfie, but it can also talk about the desire to do so, to one’s self. The 🤳 Selfie emoji can be translated as, “Let me snap a selfie!”


Other Names Of The Selfie Emoji

A selfie is a selfie, there is no other name for it. However, when users want to refer to only the gadget in the 🤳 Selfie emoji, they may sometimes post the Selfie emoji and call that very same symbol Camera emoji or Phone emoji, instead.


How To Use The Selfie Emoji?

Still looking for more inspiration? We got you! Here are some examples of posts featuring the 🤳 Selfie emoji. Feel free to tweak, utilize and effectively apply to your own content.

– Can we stop by the fountain on the way out? I want to take a selfie here 🤳
– I don’t care if people say I am vain, taking 🤳three times a day makes me so very happy!
– Kim Kardashian has a book filled with all her favorite never-before-seen🤳!

– 👍​🤳​👎​ I would love to hear your comments! [What it means: do you like or hate my selfie?]
– I ​🤳​🤺, I always feel like I use the wrong angle. Maybe I should take a 🤳 ​or something? [What it means: I hate taking selfies]
– 💪​🤳​ I always work hard to keep them in shape, that’s why they are always on my social media apps! [What it means: look at my biceps]


Seen On Different Platforms

Emojis look different on varying platforms. This is because every web service, operating system, or device maker is free to develop emojis based on their own business style and vision.

Here’s how the 🤳 Selfie emoji appears on several of the most popular platforms.

However, before we go there, a word of caution – even while staring at the same emoji, people have varied interpretations of what it means. In other words, diverse interpretations of the same emoji depiction may account for a significant portion of the risk for miscommunication. To avoid this, it would be better to see how the 🤳 Selfie emoji will appear on your device before you use it.


iOS And Android

Facebook's Selfie emoji, Selfie emoji Selfie emoji, Google's Selfie emoji

If you are using an electronic gadget that runs on iOS, the hand holding the gadget is wearing a gray top, and the phone he is holding is black with a blue screen.

Alternatively, Samsung’s version features a blue top and a light blue phone screen. This version is quite similar to Google’s, except for the size of the arm (Google’s is bigger), and the phone screen, (Google shows a darker shade of blue).


Twitter And JoyPixels

Selfie emoji, Twitter's Selfie emoji Selfie emoji, JoyPixel's Selfie emoji

Meanwhile, the arm featured on Twitter and JoyPixels are both covered in green – the former’s version is dark green, while the latter’s version is bright green. Another distinct difference between the two lies in the color of their screens, JoyPixel’s screen is gray, and Twitter’s screen is blue.



Selfie emoji, Windows version of the Selfie emoji

Moving forward, only the Microsoft version of the 🤳 Selfie emoji contains a black border outline. This feature separates it from the rest. It is also the only version that shows the disembodied arm wearing red cloth. Lastly, Microsoft’s 🤳 Selfie emoji is the only selfie symbol with pointed yellow rays coming from all sides.


History Of The Selfie Emoji

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The 🤳 Selfie emoji took a long time to make its way into the Unicode system, first arriving in Unicode 9.0 in 2016. That’s a little strange, given that shooting a self-portrait with a smartphone is a common practice seen almost everywhere, way before 2016.

In 1839, photography pioneer Robert Cornelius took the first-ever selfie. He set up his camera, posed in front of it, placed the lens cap back on, and generated a daguerreotype of himself. (A daguerreotype is an old-school type of photo, photos like this are made using an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapor).

Fashion pretty woman with headphones listening to music and making selfie photo over red neon background at studio.

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Meanwhile, the term “selfie” was initially used in an Internet forum in 2002 by an Australian. He used the word “selfie,” to describe a sloppy self-portrait. One year later, the Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile phone released the first front-facing camera, and it immediately became a common feature on cell phones. Nine years later, in 2012, the term “selfie” became increasingly widespread, so much so, Time magazine named it one of the most popular words in the world in 2012.


Take The Perfect Selfie

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Congrats, you’re almost ready for National Selfie Day! To finish things off, you need to know how to take the perfect selfie.

Come on, you knew this was coming – we can’t teach you how to use the 🤳 Selfie emoji and just let you go on your merry way. If you can’t take a GOOD selfie, what’s the use of all you learned?

To add to that, there are far too many times when individuals upload poor selfies, and while this may not seem like a big concern, it is. These images are not just tangible manifestations of your likeness, but they also represent you and your artistic sensibilities.

That being said, here are some tried-and-true strategies for capturing the perfect shot.


Find The Light

woman taking selfie at park, woman at park

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Natural light is ideal for taking images. The best locations are well-lit open places. Make sure the light isn’t too strong; otherwise, your features may be washed away.

In addition, the time of day known as “golden hour” is ideal for taking selfies outside. It’s when the sun is just about to set, and the light is at its most ideal. When taking photos, make sure you’re not going against the light, the light at your back is stronger than the light at your front, or you’ll wind up with dark, fuzzy images.


Be The Focus

Happy mother walking with her baby in the stroller and taking selfie, mom with blonde hair taking a selfie

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You should constantly aspire to be the center of attention in life and in selfies. Taking selfies against a simple backdrop that isn’t too cluttered or busy is a simple way to do this. To make things easier for you, get a dual-camera phone that blurs the background you’re in and automatically makes you the focal focus of the photo.


Don’t Edit Too Much

Side view of happy adult female in casual clothes focusing on screen and taking selfie with smartphone while sitting in armchair at desk and holding take away glass with orange drink and straw in light apartment on blurred background

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Putting your camera on instant beautification mode automatically makes you look fresh on days when you’re feeling tired and haggard. But too much of anything is never a good thing. You want to look like yourself. The idea is to blur out minor flaws, not your whole face. After all, it’s a selfie, so it should show off your appearance rather than turn you into Voldemort!


Relax And Be Yourself

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If you feel uneasy, it will reflect in your photos! Simply be yourself, smile, and think positive thoughts! Furthermore, when it comes to your face, never settle for anything less than perfection! It may take some getting used to taking images using these basic criteria, but today’s technology only makes it easier for us. In no time, you’ll be a selfie master!



Vlogger recording a video in the street, emojis, vlogging with emojis

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Last but not least, when you’re ready to share your beautiful selfie, don’t forget to post a 🤳 Selfie emoji.

This will surely enhance and elevate your online content! When it comes to posting selfies, good emojis go a long way. Trust us on this!


Famous blogger. Cheerful female vlogger is showing cosmetics products while recording video and giving advices for her beauty blog. Focusl camera selfie view

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Feel free to put one or two additional emojis after the 🤳 Selfie emoji for a more personal touch. If you are at a flower garden, why not put a 🌼 after this 🤳? Or if you’re at sea or on a cruise ship, 🤳 followed by 🚢 would be a nice touch.

Here’s another reason why you should include emojis – a nice emoji or two can also help your friends and followers better interpret your selfie from your point of view. Sometimes, you might think your selfie speaks for itself, but that isn’t necessarily true when viewed from someone else’s perspective.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Selfies are a great way to show facets of yourself, such as the arty side, the silly side, or the glamorous side. Take hold of that opportunity and make it your own! Have a blast on National Selfie Day!