ballot box with ballot 🗳️

Vote wisely with the Ballot Box with Ballot emoji! This emoji shows a ballot box usually used during elections. The ballot box with ballot emoji shows a blue box with a small opening on top to fit the ballot paper in. On some platforms, the ballot has an x mark on it while on others, a check mark.

This emoji can be used by anyone, whether it is an organization, school, company, or country. In school, students use the ballot box during student council elections. You can drop the Student emoji along with this one to let everyone know that it is time to choose the next student leader.

During the election season, this emoji can be found on the frequently used emoji lists. You can send your registered voters friends and family this emoji along with a Check Mark emoji or the Cross Mark emoji. This is to subtly tell them to vote wisely.

This emoji can also be used alongside the Thinking Face emoji, and the Pencil emoji to remind everyone to choose the best candidates for the positions. The ballot emoji serves as a reminder that every vote counts, and it affects the whole counting. The future of politics and leadership always lie in the hands of the citizens, so make sure to vote wisely.

🗳️ Ballot Box With Ballot is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 7.0 which was introduced in 2014, and was added to Emoji 0.7.

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This Ballot Box With Ballot Is Also Known As:

ballot box with ballot

ballot box emoji

vote emoji

poll emoji

voting emoji

politics emoji

ballot emoji

election emoji

Ballot Box With Ballot Emoji History

Ballot Box With Ballot Emoji is created in the year 2014.

Ballot Box With Ballot Emoji In Other Languages

Ballot Box With Ballot 🗳️Ballot Box With Ballot Emoji 投票箱与选票 🗳️投票箱与选票 表情符号 Stembus 🗳️Stembus Emoji Urne Avec Bulletin De Vote 🗳️Urne Avec Bulletin De Vote Emoji Wahlurne Mit Stimmzettel 🗳️Wahlurne Mit Stimmzettel Emoji बैलेट के साथ बैलेट बॉक्स 🗳️बैलेट के साथ बैलेट बॉक्स इमोजी Kotak Dengan Surat Suara 🗳️Kotak Dengan Surat Suara Emoji Urna Elettorale Con Voto 🗳️Urna Elettorale Con Voto Emoji 投票用紙が付いている投票箱 🗳️投票用紙が付いている投票箱 絵文字 투표함과 투표용지 🗳️투표함과 투표용지 이모티콘 Urna De Votação 🗳️Urna De Votação Emoji Урна для голосований 🗳️Урна для голосований Эмодзи Urna Con Papeleta 🗳️Urna Con Papeleta Emoji Ballot Box Na May Balota 🗳️Ballot Box Na May Balota Emoji صندوق الانتخابات مع ورقة انتخابات 🗳️صندوق الانتخابات مع ورقة انتخابات إيموجي

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