๐Ÿ’‰ Vaccine Emoji And Syringe Emoji: World’s Current Symbol Of Hope

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Nov 27, 2022

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and while the emoji might not have reached that status yet, it certainly has its uses.

Think about the moments you want to say something but can’t be bothered to type it out. Aren’t you happy you can always find the perfect emoji to help you?

Emojis are everywhere. They are used by nearly everyone, so it’s no surprise that the current library of emojis is continuously growing. Out of all the emojis out there, Apple may have just launched the most timely emoji of all. Yes, we are talking about the 💉 Vaccine emoji.

View of a Young attractive woman being vaccinated

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Vaccine Emoji

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If you are using a device that supports iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 you’ve probably already seen it. So, the next time you use your gadget, why not go and take a closer look? Does it remind you of another symbol? Up close, you’ll see that the Vaccine emoji is essentially a “less graphic” 💉 Syringe emoji.

And according to the people at Apple, “less graphic” means “no blood.” Put two and two together. In other words, the Vaccine emoji is the 💉 Syringe emoji without the blood. It also has a shorter needle and a long grey barrel.


No Blood On The Vaccine Emoji

A vaccination immunization or other medicine syringe injection medical icon

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Why is there no blood? Emoji experts say the freshly emptied syringe dispels the misconception vaccinations are painful. Therefore, by removing the blood, emoji designers are encouraging netizens to get vaccinated.

As of now, vaccinations seem to be the only way to rid ourselves of the Coronavirus pandemic. As we all know, COVID-19 is now spreading across the globe. Over 200 countries have 145 million confirmed cases and 3 million deaths.


Vaccine Emoji On Different Platforms

For the time being, the new design is only available on Apple devices, Twitter, and services that use the emojidex platform.

However, according to different tech websites, a more widespread update is on the way. This makes sense, given how much we’ve all been talking about COVID-19 vaccines lately. But if you are not an Apple user, and your gadget can’t support the new Vaccine emoji just yet, but you want to convince people to get vaccinated? The 💉 Syringe emoji is the next best symbol to use.


Use The Vaccine Emoji In A Sentence

💉 will help our bodies develop immunity, small doses of the disease are introduced to our body, without causing illness.

– You should not be scared to be 💉, they’ve saved millions of lives and helped to avoid countless cases of illness and disability over the years.

– Experts agree that having a COVID-19 💉 will prevent you from getting severely sick even though you never get COVID-19, based on what we know about vaccines for other diseases and early evidence from clinical trials.

Want to talk about health issues other than vaccination? The 💉 Syringe emoji is perfect for that, too! The 💉 Syringe emoji is commonly used for material relating to health, medicine, and related occupations, as well as needles, medications, tattoos, and blood.

On another note, here’s another interesting way netizens have been using the 💉 Syringe emoji. Did you know it recently became famous on Instagram as a way to celebrate having new tattoos? A tattoo needle is represented by the syringe.


Syringe Emoji

Syringe emoji, Vaccine emoji, Apple version of the Vaccine emoji

The 💉 Syringe emoji is a picture of a medical syringe. A medical syringe is a device people use to inject a vaccine or draw blood. In a 💉 Syringe emoji, the needle is at a 45° angle and is pointing in the upper right direction. In the past, the 💉 Syringe emoji was most widely associated with blood donations, but it is now gaining popularity as a coronavirus vaccine emoji.


How To Use The Syringe Emoji

– I just donated 🩸 this morning. The 💉 was so big! I think it is the biggest 💉 I have ever seen.
– If you need to talk to me, I will be in the 🏥, helping out at a ​💉​🚕​.
– When you are a nurse, one of the first things you learn is how to read a 💉. In the hospital, nurses select the appropriate 💉size based on how much medicine will be given to a patient.

– Work was so tiring yesterday, I went straight to the bar and got myself a glass of 💉​🍅​🍹​ [What it means: Bloody Mary]
– Lady, my cocker spaniel is at the ​🐩​🐕​👩‍⚕️️​💉​ today. She looked so weak last night, it made me so worried [What it means: veterinarian]
– You should talk to my boss about changing the time of the meeting, he is the one ​📞​💉​ [What it means: calling the shots]


History Of The Syringe Emoji

Unicode 6.0 included the emoji in their list in 2010. Afterward, the 💉 Syringe emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. Emoji 1.0 is a very special classification in the emoji world. This is because it is Unicode’s first emoji documentation update!

Included in the update are all emojis accepted by Unicode between the years 2010 to 2015. This document, published specifically on August 2015, mainly contains emojis from Unicode 6.0 and 6.1. Unicode 6.0 is the first major version of the Unicode Standard to be published solely in the online format. Over 1,000 symbols are included in Version 6.0.


Other Names For The Syringe Emoji

Other names for the 💉 Syringe emoji include a medical syringe, injector, etc. Some people use the terms prick, needle, shot, etc to describe the emoji.


Seen On Different Platforms

The 💉 Syringe emoji symbolizes a variety of medical procedures and medications. In most models, it depicts a single syringe filled with a red liquid – most likely blood – and a needle with a number of red drops dripping from it.

Emojis can appear differently on different platforms. Any web service, operating system, or device maker is free to design emojis in their own corporate style and vision.

On that note, here’s how the 💉 Syringe emoji looks on some of the most common platforms:

Syringe emoji, Google's Syringe emojiTwitter's version of Syringe emoji Syringe emoji, Windows version of Syringe emoji Samsung Syringe emoji, Syringe emoji

Google’s version shows white lines on the syringe, while Twitter’s version has the widest width. On the other hand, Google’s version is the only one that does not come with drops spurting out of the needle. Lastly, Microsoft’s 💉 Syringe emoji, like all the other emojis under Microsoft, has a black border around it.



Stop coronavirus 2019-ncov awareness lettering phrase. Emoji cartoon character in medical mask. Vector illustration

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In almost every blog, we talk about how important it is to use emojis in a responsible manner. Yes, emojis can help you connect with people in fun and original ways. But they can mean different things to different people. When you use emojis incorrectly, you can come off as inept, reckless, or even rude. Instead of conveying a message on their own, use emojis to clarify what you’re saying and double-check that the point is clear.

Advocacy Emojis

2021 sign, 2021 with new normal symbols, 2021 coronavirus campaign

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When you choose to use emojis in marketing campaigns or advocacy campaigns, all the more should you be careful. Only choose emojis that you fully understand. And be as careful with your emojis as you are with your words.

Face With Medical Mask emoji, smiley holding Syringe emoji, Face With Medical Mask emoji holding syringe

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For example, if you will be using the 💉 Vaccine emoji to encourage people to get vaccinated, accompanying words or statements strengthens your statement. You are talking about vaccination, not about blood or some other health-related item or topic.


Moreover, when dealing with specific advocacy, fact-checking should be the norm. Fact-checking in social media posts or blog posts is the best way to intercept a falsehood at the scene of the crime.

Benefits Of Vaccination 

If you are talking about vaccination, present all the big pros and cons. For example, most healthcare professionals believe in their effectiveness. Moreover, vaccines have eliminated many of the diseases and epidemics that killed thousands of people in the past. Thirdly, while some vaccines cause minor discomfort in the injection site, the majority are painless. They are also very inexpensive as compared to the medical bills you can incur if you contract one of the more serious diseases like COVID-19.

Precautions To Think About

Those are the pros. On the other hand, (these are obviously the cons), vaccines contain a fragment of the virus, meaning multiple boosters may be needed. Rarely, allergic reactions to the vaccines may occur, resulting in painful symptoms like redness, soreness, and swelling at the injection site. According to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention, all vaccines carry the possibility of a life-threatening allergic reaction, which affects around one child out of every one million people.

Lastly, scientists use Bovine casein, chicken eggs, dog cells, and pork gelatin to produce vaccines. Introducing these components into the human body might be unethical or objectionable if you practice vegetarian ideologies.

Thumps up vaccinated emoji with I got my jab today sticker on cap, youth vaccine concept

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By showing both sides of an issue and by including the right symbols in each sentence, you are using emojis in a powerful and meaningful way. You are using them how they were designed to be. And that’s a great thing!