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The “down arrow” emoji shows a blue-filled square with a white arrow pointing down. This emoji is often used in a figurative sense. It is associated with negative feelings. For instance, some users send this to convey their disapproval of a certain topic. It can also refer to the sender’s dislike or rejection of an idea. This emoji can also be used to refer to a direction or place. Some senders use this to indicate the southern direction or a lower level in a building.

⬇️ Down Arrow is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 4.0 which was introduced in 2003, and was added to Emoji 0.6.

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This Down Arrow Is Also Known As:

downward sign

down arrow symbol

blue square button down

downwards arrow

arrow pointed down

down turn

going down symbol

bold white arrow

pointing down directly

downhill turn

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Down Arrow Emoji History

Down Arrow Emoji is created in the year 2003.

Down Arrow Emoji Unicode Data