The Ultimate Emoji Guide for Dota 2 Fans

Written by: Team Emojiguide

For many gamers, emojis are a new way to replace the communication format across the world. They’re the perfect way to convey messages of how you’re feeling, what you’re talking about, or what you’re doing — and they offer up numerous possibilities to type quicker and more efficiently. Most common among the GenZ crowd, emojis are small digital images or icons that are used to show expressions, ideas, and emotions. At present, 3,782 emojis across the world have been created officially, meaning there are infinite ways to explain or profess what you are thinking. Gamers use emojis for completely different reasoning from what most of us are used to. Though we all love to send a crying laughing face to our friends over text, the world of gaming takes it a whole step further.

Take Dota 2, for example; it’s a multiplayer battle arena game (MOBA) that’s loved by millions around the world. Released in 2013, Dota 2 has history and an audience to match and if you’re a longstanding gamer in the gaming space, we bet you’re already aware of this wild world that is Defence of the Ancients. It’s a game where you can win big in esports and it’s been declared the “deepest multiplayer action real-time strategy” game to ever be made. But why is Dota 2 so popular? Well, it has complex strategies, a diverse array of heroes (characters) to choose from, and intense matches — where the gamers aim to destroy each other’s Ancients, proving that there’s always something to do when Dota 2 is involved. And it doesn’t stop there! While the game offers up an abundance of ways to fill your time, it also provides another place where you can get creative with emojis. Dota 2 players are always on the hunt for new ways to improve their communication through the game, and we’ve compiled a full list of all the emojis that you can think of. From popular heroes to key in-game items — here’s an emoticon breakdown, you never knew you needed.

Popular Heroes Emojis

Dota 2 has over 124 heroes in the game, with all completely different abilities and characteristics. Here’s a list of our favorite characters, along with how you can use them in your in-game communication. Pick your fighter!

Juggernaut ⚔️🎭

Ah, Juggernaut, one of our favorite fighters who slices through enemies with precise strokes. This agile swordsman is known for his strikes and Omnislash abilities, making him one of the strongest fighters in the game. Fitted with a mask, nobody has ever seen the face that’s hidden, but we’re doubting that he even has one. He defied a corrupt lord and got exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks — where this punishment went on to save his life. He cuts down every foe and has reckless abilities, and stopping him is just as hard as surviving him — he’s reckless and we love it.

Invoker 🔮🧙

He’s the magic combination that any team would want. He’s a powerful spellcaster with a wide array of magical abilities and an arsenal packed with tricks to defeat his opponent. Used as your secret weapon, the Invoker can battle almost any situation with his one-of-ten spells.

Crystal Maiden ❄️🔮

Crystal Maiden is our very own Dota 2 Frozen character, and she’s a star player who battles to the end. A frost mage who excels in cutting down the crowds, she uses her skills of freezing things to battle opponents.

Axe 🪓🛡️

It may be obvious what this one does because the emojis speak for themselves. This warrior thrives in the heat of battle and uses his ax to cut down his opponents. Always matching to the front of his team, he tricks players into his arms and then unleashes his deadly culling blade.

Pudge 🪤🍖

Pudge is a butcher who has a signature hook and strikes fear into everyone. He may not look pretty, but his ghastly demeanor speaks for itself. He pulls his enemies in and carves them with cleavers — and the best bit? With every kill he gets, his health and damage improve. He will be there fighting to the end, that’s for sure.

Lina 🔥🔫

As fragile as she may look, Lina works hard. The fiery sorceress is just as deadly as she is delicate and gains attack speed with every spell she casts. By throwing flames and heat lightning, she’s the hero you want on your team.

Drow Ranger 🏹❄️

The Drow Ranger is a silent archer with a deadly frost arrow and stops anything in her tracks. She silences her foes with a chilling blast and finishes off the kill with an ice-tipped arrow. Hardly anyone can survive her chilling curse — and she’s unbeatable in the world of Dota 2.

Phantom Assassin 🗡️🕵️

The Phantom Assassin uses a secret yet deadly strike from the shadows to prey on her victims. She has a knack for dodging attacks and relentlessly cutting at her enemies.

Our Top Emojis for In-game Items

When it comes to playing the game, it’s the in-game items that determine how you’ll succeed. We’ve broken down a list of our top 10, so you can use them in your next game chat. Can your teammates guess what they are? Try them to find out…

  • Blink Dagger 📏✨
  • Satanic 😈💔
  • Black King Bar 🛡️⚫
  • Divine Rapier ⚔️💎
  • Aghanim’s Scepter 🌟🪄
  • Shadow Blade 🌑🗡️
  • Heart of Tarrasque ❤️🐉
  • Desolator 🗡️💔
  • Manta Style 🌀👥
  • Bloodstone 💧🔮

Emoji Phrases for Your Next Game

You’ve got your hero and your weapon, but how are you going to keep on communicating? Well, we’ve done all the work for you. Why not try out some of these exciting phrases and see if you can talk throughout the whole of your game?

GG 👍🏆

You’ve got to the end of your match, secured the win — now what do you say? Good game! All sportsmen know how to end a game with class, so why not try these emojis to finish your play?


Just before you start any game of Dota 2, why not try “Good luck, have fun”? It’s a kind greeting before any match and gives you all luck for what is about to come.

KS 🏴💔

Ever had someone take your kill when you were almost there? Well, that’s called a “Kill Steal!” Send over these emojis when you aren’t happy with a player in the game.

Push 🚀🏰

Ready to advance into the enemy’s structures and destroy them? Well, then, let’s PUSH! These emojis are known around the gaming world and let everyone know your next move.

Teleport 🌍💨

Last but not least — our favorite part of the game. Teleportation! Ready to move across the map quickly with your team? Send over the 🌍💨 emojis and let them know where you’re going.