πŸ’° Money Emoji: Striving And Saving πŸ’΅ Cash For The Future

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Modified: Apr 27, 2023

When someone asks us about the money emoji, we automatically think of the 💰 Money Bag emoji or the 💸 Money with Wings emoji. This stems from the fact that all of us earn money to spend money. People use money bags or sacks to carry large amounts of cash or coins. These two forms of currency need to be separated to avoid confusion. Sometimes, bank personnel even divide the cash and coins by denomination.

Nowadays, we rarely see banks or businesses using money bags for safety reasons. Most still use the classic tan-colored bag when transporting money to and fro. However, we don’t normally see the money bag because they store it inside the safe. Moving money bags also involve armored cars and armed security personnel. You might witness bank employees transporting money when surrounded by around 3-5 armed officers.

People also associate the money emoji whenever they receive their salary from work. Despite losing it mostly to bills, we just can’t help but feel elated once we see a larger amount in our bank accounts. Due to modern times, some people think of money when they see the 💳 Credit Card emoji or just the simple 💵 Dollar Banknote emoji. Plus, most employers prefer using electronic transfers to send the salaries of their employees.


Money Emoji: Meaning, Use, And Importance In Messages

money bag emoji

The 💰 Money emoji applies to different icons available on keyboards across several platforms. If asked for a specific icon, people usually answer the money bag emoji or the dollar banknote emoji. Those who prefer modern descriptions associate the money emoji with the 🏦 Bank Emoji or the credit card emoji. In truth, the emoji keyboard offers several icons fitting to be called the money icon. It just depends on which one each person uses.

The usage of money bags dates back to Biblical times. Back then, people only used coins as payment for employment, shopping, etc. Groups of travelers or traveling merchants often earn large amounts of money. For safekeeping, they usually compile all earnings into one large money bag. Afterward, the group appoints one or two people to watch over the bag until the end of their voyage. The vote usually goes to the member that is both trustworthy and skilled with managing money. Believe it or not, this applied to the Holy Bible’s Judas Iscariot who sold Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver.

Unlike its traditional look, the money bag emoji usually appears with a smooth beige or yellow-colored sack. They also feature a dollar sign on the center of the sack. Thanks to this emoji, people can easily discuss personal or work-related conversations on money. Without it, people would just be stuck with using the usual symbols for currency.


The Money Emoji Across Platforms

Each platform offers a unique version of the money bag or money emoji. The only similarity between keyboards is the dollar sign features on the center of all sacks. Meanwhile, other money emojis feature the different colors of currency.

money bag emoji on different platforms

Apple’s money bag emoji appears with wrinkled details of the sack and a bold dollar sign on the center. Its design stands out from other platforms due to the bag’s crumpled details. Meanwhile, the money bag icon from Samsung’s emoji keyboard depicts a simple beige sack. Unlike other designs, its tie extends at the top. Plus, its dollar sign appears embossed to the sack compared to other designs.

The money bag emoji from Facebook stands out with its large brown dollar sign. The bag also appears with a smooth round shape unlike the sacks of other platforms. On Twitter’s emoji keyboard, the money beige bag includes a few bumpy details suggesting bulky contents. Elsewhere, Google’s money bag icon differs from all designs due to its slanted details.

Unlike the classic appearance of money bags, the money emojis from Skype and Microsoft depict a yellow sack. Microsoft displays a round-shaped bag like the sack from Facebook. Meanwhile, the icon from Skype features a bigger yellow sack. Both platforms used a green dollar sign on the center.


How The Money Emoji Brings Bittersweet Emotions

Thinking Face Emoji With Money Ideas

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The ups and downs revolving around the use of the money emoji can leave anyone overwhelmed. It just goes to show how money plays a big role in our lives. Only you can interpret it negatively or positively when you use the emoji in messages or posts.

To fully enjoy the emoji, you can associate the money bag emoji with other icons. There are several movies and phrases that you can relate to money. Go ahead and quiz your friends and loved ones with some of these emoji sets:

​🎰​💰​👑​ – Casino

​💰​💔💳​💸​​🛍️ – Confessions of a Shopaholic

​💌​💰​💍​👰​ – Mail Order Bride

​🎨​💰​🔨​ – Art Auction

​🐷​💰​ – Piggy Bank

​​🚐​💰​👮‍♂️​ – Armored Van

​👱​💰​💰​💰​ – Richie Rich

​💰​💲​🛒​​🛍️​ – Shopping Spree

​🎩​🍀​💰​​​🧔​ – Leprechaun

​💰​⚾​ – Money Ball

​🎡​💰​💰 – Wheel of Fortune

​💰​👄​ – Money Talks

​📆​💰​ – Monthly Salary

​💰​💇​ or ​💰✂️ – Cost Cutting

​👀​👉​👨​💰​ –  Show Me The Money

​💰​🌈​ – Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

🏦👨‍🏫💰​👹🔫 – Money Heist


Saving With The Money Bag Emoji

Flying Money Emoji with Cold Face Sweat Emoji

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If you struggle with saving money, you can use the money bag emoji to motivate you. Since most of us regularly use our smartphones, you can use them to monitor your savings. You can make saving fun by using emojis to symbolize your progress.

You can use apps with note-taking features to keep track of your expenses. Each money emoji can represent the salary you receive every month. Afterward, you can assign other emojis to symbolize the things you spend. To get you started, here are some tips on managing your spendings:

1. Keep a list of your expenses, such as personal loans. Note down EVERY expense. Every penny counts when it comes to saving.

2. Divide your list between your wants, needs, and other sub-categories. In this part, you can use emojis to distinguish your wants and needs. We suggest using these emojis: ✔️ ❌ 👍 👎

3. Lock your credit card away. With this, you can keep yourself from paying bills with your credit card. If you have subscriptions, we advise you to compile the costs of those fixed charges and pay in advance.

4. Set aside small amounts of money for your savings. Upon noting your usual costs, choose a cheap item you hope to buy soon. Then, save the cost of that certain item to your bank account without buying it. This step makes motivates you to save up for more wants in the future. You can anticipate the money needed to treat yourself and use it to save more cash.

5. Downgrade expensive services and save your electricity. The cost of these bills may seem small and necessary but, you can still cut down its prices. You can start by changing your light bulbs to LED bulbs. These innovative light bulbs consume lesser energy and last longer than regular bulbs.

6. Sign up for online bill payment and transactions. This step not only helps you save money but also encourages you to save the environment.

7. Learn to cook food for yourself. Ordering take-out may not seem expensive, but that’s not the case. Buying groceries that can last you for a month costs cheaper than buying take-out every week.


Uses Of The Money Icon Through The Years

Money Bag Icons

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Before the emoji keyboard, we mostly used the usual currency symbols from default keypads. Back then, phones commonly offered popular symbols like $ to represent money. Because of this, not all people were able to use their local currency symbol when talking about money. They just stuck with the dollar sign and spelled out the name of their local currency.

The dollar ($) symbol’s origins date back to the late 1700s. At that time, colonial America was heavily influenced by Spain in trade and commerce. The United States finally started using its own form of currency. They came up with it by following Spain’s currency. However, several theories fail to clearly state the exact origin of the symbol we all use today. One of the widely accepted theories for the formation of the dollar sign includes the PS theory. It explains that the “$” was the result of the abbreviation of the “peso de ocho reales” or PS. The common usage of the PS led to the merging of the letters that formed into one symbol.

Nowadays, all smartphones offer the option of switching keyboards no matter where you bought your phone. With this, you have access to all kinds of currency symbols around the world. This helps frequent travelers from needing to copy and paste local currency symbols online.


Encountering A Random Bag Of Money

Bag With Money

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You probably saw various news about people returning money that other people lost. Nowadays, the creativity of modern thieves makes most people doubt the safety of online bank transfers. To keep their money safe, some people withdraw large amounts of money than trust banks. Others avoid applying for personal bank accounts and instantly withdraw the salary they receive.

The mistrust of online transactions comes from the several victims of email scams and voice phishing. Scammers sometimes make the most of money emojis to entice unsuspecting victims into clicking hacked links. These links then provide a convincing website of banks. Most people fail to see the signs of the fake link and become victims.

People who don’t trust banks often travel with a large amount of money. Some even carry money bags or thick envelopes to pay for bills and expenses. Because of this, people who work in transportation usually stumble upon bags full of cash. Most workers like taxi drivers or airport personnel return the money to their rightful owners. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone, especially if a greedy stranger picks it up for themselves.


Moneybag: Meaning Behind The Nickname To The Rich

 Money Emoji with Bags and Smiley

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Aside from the known kind of money emoji, we can use the money bag icon to describe an actual person. By putting the two words together, a moneybag pertains to a person who has a lot of money to spare. However, moneybags can still be used as an alternative to a “money bag.”

The nickname “moneybag” comes from “Dives,” the moniker of Marcus Licinius Crassus. He was a successful and rich politician in Rome in 115-53 BC. In the 1320s, Russians famously called Ivan I of Moscow as Ivan the Moneybag. He served as the Russian Grand Duke of Moscow and became renowned for being generous with his wealth. Because of these known figures, the nickname stuck and people used “moneybag” to describe very wealthy individuals.


The Heavy Jangling Of A Bag Of Coins

Putting Money in Money Bags

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Nowadays, more people sign up for online banks to keep themselves safe. When it comes to physical money, we’re more hesitant in keeping coins due to their weight and noise. Because of this, coins became scarce over time. The lack of coin circulation alarmed several banks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scarcity of coins doubled because people avoided using physical cash and coins.

The Federal Reserve called for two long meetings with U.S. Mint officials in hopes of preventing further coin scarcity. Other participants included banking organizations, coin aggregators, and retail trade groups. Unfortunately, COVID-19 safety protocols kept their plans from panning out. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials urged people to use online banks. Despite the Federal Reserve’s attempts, people still avoid using physical cash to pay for their expenses.


Can We Earn Bags Of Cash?

Small Money Bag

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It’s hard to imagine having a future with bags of cash. People barely use the sacks that look like the money emoji in the first place. During growth, we usually hear our parents encouraging us to study hard to be successful. However, with today’s high living expenses, most employed individuals just want to earn enough money to get by. Plus, the extravagant tuition fees of colleges and universities intimidate the youth into enrolling in courses.

Currently, most of the highest-paying jobs fall in the medical field. However, incoming college students get intimidated by the industry’s expensive tuition fees. Other high-paying jobs include airport personnel like pilots and cabin attendants. The years needed to complete these courses requires students to prepare for lots of money and time. Unfortunately, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic causes students to back out of these fields.