πŸ’© Poop Emoji: Your Handy Guide To Understanding One Of The World’s Funniest Emojis

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Oct 6, 2022

Are you looking for a way to make your friends laugh? Did you catch someone lying? With a bright smile, hand over the 💩 Poop emoji to brighten up your friend’s day or to show you’re not taking any “you know what” from liars today. But you better be careful how you use it because, strangely enough, the 💩 Poop emoji is sometimes mistaken for ice cream!

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In many ways, the 💩 Poop emoji is the symbol we never knew we needed but we’ve all come to love. In fact, it is one of the most popular emojis on the internet! Seriously, how can you not like this totally adorbs swirl of brown poop with big, excited eyes and a nice friendly smile?

But there is more to this symbol than meets the eye. Don’t let its cuteness fool you! It is more than just a thing to prank with your friends. In fact, there is a lot to learn about it!


Poop Emoji Meaning

Poop emoji, Apple version of the Poop emoji

You’re probably thinking..hmm.. this is kind of self-explanatory. Or maybe not! Yes, the 💩 Pile of Poo emoji represents feces and other bathroom topics, and you’ll see it in conversations related to that for sure. But it may also be used to convey a sense of silliness or whimsy, given its happy and fun expression. For example, if you want to congratulate a friend in a joking or sarcastic way or if you would like to throw a couple of light-hearted insults.


How To Use The 💩 Pile of Poo Emoji:

– I brought my kid to the doctor because he wasn’t 💩 every day.

– You’re in ​🏊​💩​ for lying to your girlfriend about why you can’t make it to your date!

– I can’t believe the Warriors got beaten by the Knicks! What a 💩​ game!


Pile Of Poop And Other Names Of The Poop Emoji

Yup, the 💩 Pile of Poo emoji is so popular there are other names for it. It is also known as “poomoji,” “Pile Of Poop,” and “Hankey,” or “Mr. Hankey.” We bet you didn’t know about the last one! So how did the 💩 Poop emoji turn into a person?

Well, we’ve got the TV series South Park to thank for that. Season 1, Episode 9 of the popular TV show is titled “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.” We kid you not. This episode is from 1997.  So, what’s the connection between “Hankey” and poo? It turns out that the word “hankey” is mostly used in the shortcode for the emoji. You’ll see this in the communication apps like Slack.

What are shortcodes? Shortcodes, or emoji shortcodes, are codes used to speed up emoji insertion using a keyboard. They are used on various communication apps and websites. Shortcodes are made up of a colon and a shorter version of an emoji name. Isn’t that fascinating?


Poop Emoji On Other Platforms

poop emojis on different platforms

Different platforms display the 💩 Poop emoji in various ways. Google’s design does not contain lines and is lighter brown in color, while Twitter’s version is a combination of red and brown. Like all the other Windows emojis, Window’s Poop emoji is seen with a black outline.


Rainbow Poop Emoji

Happy Rainbow colored unicorn poop, fabulous animal excrement, vector icon.

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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. In the emoji world, the creation of the Rainbow Poop emoji is a perfect example. Who would have thought a rainbow on top of a pile of pop would be a thing? It is a thing, in fact, it is more than a thing—one Google search will show that Rainbow Poop designs are everywhere—on toys, shirts, mugs, etc.

So who thought of putting them together? No one knows how this strange combo came about, but what we do know is who created the first rainbow poop-designed cookie. Her name is Kristy Therrien, and in early 2010, when emojis were just starting to take off in America, she entered an online baking contest to win an iPad.

Kristy put her cookies on the contest website, and her cookies were featured in popular TV reporter Anderson Cooper’s talk show. She then got an order to bake 10,000 of them. At the moment, she owns the “rainbow poop” trademark, though that hasn’t stopped the concept from spreading on its own!


Poop Emoji History

The 💩 Poop emoji has quite the history. What was once a swirly brown pile of poo surrounded by buzzing flies is now the friendly, smiling face we all know! Yup, when it was introduced as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010, the 💩 Poop emoji was just a picture of poop with flies on top of the pile, and people did not like it.

In fact, Gmail representatives said that they felt people would be offended by the vulgarity of the emoji. It took the persuasion of the creators of the emoji, Katsuhiko “Kat” Momoi, Darick Tong, Darren Lewis, and Takeshi Kishimoto, to get the emoji to appear on  Gmail.

Indeed, the emoji has had to struggle for its place in the world, from its beginnings at Gmail to where it is now. The emoji was created to be much more innocent, originally, it was supposed to be known as a—you guessed it—chocolate soft serve swirl!

Later on, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Dazed magazine came up with a list of other ways the symbol could be used to make it look attractive, like adding eyes and a mouth. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Popular Poop Emoji

Did you know that the 💩 Poop emoji is one of the most popular iPhone emojis? In a SwiftKey (a keyboard app for Android and iPhone) report, users in America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom all used the emoji more than any other emoji.

Why is it so popular over there? Our guess is, either they love the emoji’s adorable design, or they all like to curse online!


How To Draw A Poop Emoji

Poop emoji face icons, crap signs, cartoon shit. Vector unique hand drawn style, smiling poop faces

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Most kids absolutely love anything to do with emojis. If the 💩 Poop emoji is one of your kids, nieces, nephews, or students’ favorite symbols, they’d be thrilled to have an emoji drawing session with them?

Plus, you don’t need a lot to get in on the action, you just need a pen and colored markers, and you’re good to go!


Inside Part Of The Emoji

  1. Draw two black oval circles of the same size. Put them in the middle of your paper.
  2. Inside that circle, draw another smaller circle inside the first circle.
  3. Color in the small oval with black.
  4. Draw a straight black line below the eyes for the mouth.
  5. Draw the bottom of the mouth by drawing a half-circle to the mouth. The circle should look like half a watermelon!


Outside Part Of The Emoji

  1. Now, we are ready to draw the outside part of the emoji :
  2. Draw a C from the outer portion of each eye to the mouth. It almost looks like ears!
  3. Draw another C starting from the end of the first C. Do this on both sides. It should look like a B on the right side, and an inverted B on the left.
  4. Draw a skinny S on top of the B and inverted B you just drew.
  5. Put a curved line connecting the B to the skinny S.
  6. Add a curved line connecting the inverted B to the skinny S.
  7. Insert another C and stop right above the eye.
  8. Draw a backward C for the right eye.


Top Of The Emoji

  1. Now, we are going to draw the top of the Poop emoji!
  2. Draw a big curve beginning from the highest part of each side.
  3. At the end of that curve, draw an S line right here, draw a curve in one direction, then back in the other direction.
  4. Draw a vertical line from the first C on the left side to the middle of the eye on the right side.

You did it! You’ve just drawn your first 💩 Poop emoji. If it doesn’t look exactly like the OG one the first time, you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Keep doing it, and you’ll soon get it right!


Fun Poop Emoji Combinations

Emojis are much more than just tiny illustrations on our keyboards. They’ve become a huge part of our communication in recent years, and they’re very efficient at bringing real emotion to what we type, whether you use one emoji at a time or combine them with different ones.

And on that note, since we are focusing on the 💩 Poop emoji today, we thought of combining the  Poop emoji with other symbols for you to see exactly what we mean!

Feel free to use our examples in your texts, social media posts, and emails:


Meaning: pooping a lot!

Example: I brought my daughter to the doctor this morning because she was 🚽​💩​💩​💩​💩. We think it’s because of the spoiled milk she accidentally drank yesterday.


Meaning: filthy rich

Example: What would you do if you were 💩​💩​💰​💰​? I would probably buy an airplane and tour the world.


Meaning: dirty martini

Example: After our presentation, come on over to our house! I make the best 💩​🍸​in town!


Meaning: No time for your bullshit.

Example: When you get to the office, don’t make any excuses for being late. Just apologize. The boss will just tell you I’ve got 🚫​⏰​🐂​💩.


Meaning: fertilizer

Example: If you care about the 🌱 and 🌿 in your garden, you better put 🐮​💩​👍​🌺​🌹​ on them regularly! It improves plants’ growth and yield.


Meaning: loud farting

Example: When we were at the movies, my brothers’ 🎶​🔉​🔉​🔉​🔉​💩 made so many heads turn! How embarrassing!


Meaning: Boogers

Example: How to tell your boss he has  👃​💩​ at a meeting?


Poop Emoji Pastries

Trying to think of a fun and cute design for your pastries? Then why not try putting a 💩 Poop emoji on top of your cakes and cupcakes?

Kids and adults love this emoji, and we don’t blame them! Come on, who wouldn’t love the idea of taking a nice, big bite out of a 💩 Poop emoji cupcake? They’re not only adorable, they’re kinda perfect for a number of different occasions!

Add them to a fun emoji-themed birthday party or take them to an “anti” Valentine’s Day party to demonstrate that “love stinks”!

Want to try it out for yourself? Then follow this fun and simple recipe to make your own!


Poop Emoji Cupcake Ingredients

  • 12 cupcakes of your favorite recipe
  • 2 cups of chocolate frosting
  • 24 candy eyeballs. You can find this in your local candy store.
  • Piping bag
  • Extra-large round piping tip


How To Make Poop Emoji Cupcakes

Funny poop emoji chocolate cupcakes. Cute food dessert

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Fit the piping tip inside the piping bag. When you’re done, fill the piping bag with chocolate frosting. If you don’t have a piping bag, or a piping tip, just get a zip-top freezer bag and cut a hole in the corner.

Put frosting on the cupcakes. Begin from the center outward. When you’re down, move upward to create the signature three-tier swirl of the 💩 Poop emoji. On the middle tier of frosting, get your two candy eyes and put them on each cupcake. Got to give them some personality, right?

That’s it! Your Poop emoji cupcakes are done! Aren’t they adorable?



Happy smiling young friends walking outdoors in the park holding smart phone.

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The Poop emoji has become so popular it’s hard to imagine how we were ever able to show our distaste without an adorable pile of poop? It’s a fast and fun way to get our point across!  There’s never been a time in history when a pile of poop in emoji form could look cuter.

The fact that it has become so popular in emoji form just goes to show that the simplest and most basic of things can bring people together – even if it’s something as simple as a pile of poop!

Sadly, not everyone thinks of it in that way. Remember, before the 💩 Poop emoji came around, poop was just a pile of feces—something that’s not cute at all. And some people might still think of it that way, as if you are giving them sh*t.

If you don’t want to get in trouble, it would be best to use the 💩 Poop emoji only with people that you are close to, like your family and friends. But go ahead and do it, and have fun with it! In these difficult times, we all need someone—and some things—to laugh and smile with.