knot ๐Ÿชข

Be familiar with different types of ties with the knot emoji. This emoji shows one of simplest and sturdiest ties.ย 

The knot emoji is a tie between two ropes colored in red and blue, so that people will not be confused. Tying a knot is usually used in setting up a camping space, so you can put this emoji alongside the tent emoji.ย 

Since it is a huge part of a camping trip, you can use this emoji alongside the flame emoji and the wood emoji.ย 

Tying big knots are also used during different types of thrilling activities like rock climbing and mountaineering. So to represent these fun activities, you can drop the person climbing emoji and the mountain emoji. You can also drop a grinning squinting face to symbolize the joy when doing it.ย 

The knot emojis can also be used in construction work so that the workers can still safely dangle to fix walls and other structures. You use the knot emoji alongside the construction worker emoji and the construction sign emoji.ย The knot can also mean something metaphoric. Use this knot emojis alongside the ring emoji, bride emoji, the person with veil, and the person in tuxedo emoji to represent a wedding. Another term for this event is tying the knot, as a symbol of a lifetime commitment.

๐Ÿชข Knot is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 13.0 which was introduced in 2020, and was added to Emoji 13.0.

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This Knot Is Also Known As:

tangled rope

string knot

tying the knot

twisted rope

looped cords

rope binding

interlaced rope

tied sisal rope

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Knot Emoji History

Knot Emoji is created in the year 2020.

Knot Emoji Unicode Data