JoyPixels Emojis

JoyPixels creates custom, Unicode-compliant emoji designs for licensing in digital and consumer products. Formerly known as EmojiOne, JoyPixels created the first fully independent emoji set, and is leading the way in the field of animated emoji. A full-service emoji provider, JoyPixels believes in delivering maximum joy through masterful design.


Projects Of JoyPixels

Some of their prime projects are JoyPixels 5.0, a list of signature emoji consisting of 3,057, Unicode 12 compliant, originally crafted icons, and Animations 3.0, 200 animated versions of JoyPixelโ€™s most popular emojis.


Other popular projects of JoyPixels are Flat Emoji 1.0, and All Smiles 1.0. Flat Emoji 1.0 is a collection of 200 popular signature emojis. The emojis are available in two bordered versions- black and pearl. Another smiley-filled project is All Smiles 1.0. It includes all smileys from the JoyPixels 5.0 collection, available in multiple colors. JoyPixels also offers sticker packs of varied themes and events like Women Power, Halloween Parties, Spring Fling, Mermaid Life, etc.


History Of JoyPixels

JoyPixels was invented in 2014. It is the first complete emoji set available for legal distribution. iOS users can share JoyPixelโ€™s content in sticker form through the EmojiOne iMessage app, while Android users can enjoy JoyPixels as an emoji font option through the use of Textra, an SMS app.


In honor of World Emoji Day, JoyPixels partnered with Redbubble, an Australian printing company that produces products designed by independent artists. The two groups held an emoji artist challenge to encourage designers to create their own unique art. The three winners went home with cash prizes.


In June 2019, JoyPixels joined forces with Fullscreen Inc, an American entertainment company, to develop a free pride flag emoji collection. The collection was done in celebration of Pride Month. The entire set is still available today at the GitHub Repo, a software development platform. Users all over the world are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.