๐ŸŽ‰ Party Emoji: Start Parties And Celebrations With A Bang

Written by: Kaira
Modified: Jan 23, 2023

Receiving the 🎉 Party Popper emoji means the message exudes something exciting or worth celebrating. We commonly see this emoji in messages or social media posts celebrating the New Year or a special occasion like a birthday or graduation. We usually pair this animated party favor with festive emojis like the 🥳 Partying Face emoji and or the 🎊 Confetti Ball emoji.

Every emoji keyboard offers a versatile party popper that sparks more excitement in messages or social media posts. We often use the famous party supply as an alternative to more flammable pyrotechnics like fireworks. The nerve-wracking bang from the popper excites party guests with its shower of confetti and streamers.

In emoji keyboards, the idea of the party popper’s still animation remains the same. Despite the differences in design, all platforms depict the party device with a simple explosion of streamers. Plus, the icons follow the simple cone shape that we often find at kids’ parties.


Party Emoji: Meaning And Story Of The Beloved Party Favor

The 🎉 Party Popper emoji became available in almost all emoji keyboards in 2015. All platforms display the emoji with the common cone party popper in a slanted position. When searching for this celebratory emoji, you can type it as “celebration” or “party hat” aside from ‘party popper.”

The kid-favorite party favor came to be in the mid-1840s Victorian era. Tom Smith, a pastry chef from London, crafted one of the earliest prototypes of the party popper. He thought of the design after France’s tradition of wrapping sweets inside a twist of colored paper. Smith’s first crackers featured surprise romantic notes once opened. He eventually built a cracker that popped and became popular at parties.

Traditionally, party poppers were made with a joke, riddle, or a small toy and topped with a paper crown. Making homemade party poppers can also be a fun party activity as long as guests take caution in using silver fulminate. With this activity, you and your guests can customize your preferred streamers and surprises inside the popper. You can also come up with a contest to see who can copy the classic cone party popper we commonly use without emoji keyboards.


Party Popper Emoji On Other Platforms

Party Popper Emoji on Other Platforms

As mentioned, the popular party popper icon appears similar across several platforms. Apple, Google, and Samsung all feature the fun device in a striped cone-shaped body. However, you can still tell them apart by looking at the colors used. Apple and Google both used long streamers and square-shaped confetti with different approaches. Meanwhile, Samsung’s design stands out with its long streamers and star-shaped confetti.

Other popular platforms’ party popper emoji looks similar to Facebook’s and Window’s depiction. They both use yellow-colored cones with a simple shower of red, yellow, and blue streamers and confetti. On the other hand, Twitter’s party popper icon is designed differently from the rest. The popular platform’s developers created a red cone popper with green, purple, and yellow streamers and confetti.


Spark Excitement In Your Messages Using The Party Popper Emoji

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You probably only used the party emoji to celebrate birthdays or occasions like the New Year. After learning about the party emoji’s background, you can now use it for occasions other than birthdays. Because of its eventful history, party poppers add so much more excitement to celebrations.

You can commemorate other occasions by creating a set of emojis symbolizing the special day. Let your recipients guess what you should celebrate by adding other icons to the party popper. Below is a list of emojis you can use for different kinds of celebrations:

🥳🎉🎁🎂🎈 – Happy Birthday!
🎊🎉🎆 – Happy New Year!
🎓🎉🥳🍾  – Happy Graduation! or Congratulations on Graduating!
🎉🌹🍾🥂 or 🎉💐🍾🥂 – Here’s to Another Year Together! or Happy Anniversary!
🎉🍻🥳 – Congratulations on your achievement! or Cheers to your success!
🤰🎉🥳 – I’m pregnant! Or Congratulations on your pregnancy!
🎉🥳👶🎈 – Congratulations on your new baby!


The Celebration Emoji Throughout The Years

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Like us, you probably use the animated party popper to signify a celebratory message or post. The well-loved celebration emoji can commemorate so many things. We commonly add it to birthday or anniversary posts. However, it can also be used to congratulate someone on an achievement or milestone.

While using party poppers, we always associate the beloved device with the confetti or streamers that come out of it. The habit of throwing confetti dates back to Ancient Greece. At that time, the Greeks followed a custom of throwing garlands, leaves, or flower petals to celebrate victories like the return of soldiers from war. The tradition also includes commemorating marriages or giving respect to the dead.

Nowadays, we use party poppers to celebrate occasions during the day. Alternatively, people who arrange extravagant parties prepare fireworks at night. The loud bang or pop paired with a shower of streamers and confetti make great substitutes for the daytime.


Adding Sparkle To The Occasion With Party Popper and Partying Face Emoji

Party Popper Emojipartying face emoji

Netizens often pair the animated party popper with the partying face emoji when talking about celebrations. This comes from the fact that the two icons depict the same meaning. You might even say that the partying face emoji is the facial version of the party popper.

Across platforms, almost all partying face emojis feature the same overall design. All keyboards show a celebratory face wearing a party hat while blowing a party horn. The yellow head also offers extra excitement with a still shower of confetti surrounding it. Based on the description, the partying face icon depicts a party popper come to life. However, if you look closely, the partying face shows another familiar icon. The closed eyes and pouty mouth look similar to the motion of the 😚 Kissing Face with Closed Eyes Emoji.


Party Horn Or Party Popper?

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Some netizens sparked a debate about the celebratory emoji despite it already being named by developers. Due to its cone shape, the party popper emoji gets mistaken for a party horn on the emoji keyboard. People might argue that the icons symbolize horns because it’s shaped like a megaphone. However, the real shape of party horns looks like short pipes, not megaphones.

During parties, young and old guests entertain themselves with party horns or poppers. The noise from different supplies sparks excitement in the party atmosphere. However, the cardboard horns lose the noise over time unlike the one-time bang or pop of a party cracker. Because of this, most party guests disregard the party horn instead of the party poppers.


The Dark History Behind The Streamers And Confetti Emoji

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Earlier, we mentioned how the tradition of throwing confetti was incorporated in party poppers. Because of this, most people confuse the separate use of the two emojis. In truth, both animated emojis can symbolize celebration and excitement. However, the party popper is still commonly used compared to the confetti emoji.

Before being associated with party poppers, people knew confetti from a Latin past participle. The term “confetti” comes from “conficere” which means to prepare or complete. This eventually led to the 18th-century Italian term “confetti,” meaning little sweets or candy.

In the 19th century, early Italians commemorated Carnevale by throwing sugarplums as a form of confetti. During that era, throwing “confetti” also meant giving away sugar or sweets due to the term’s Italian meaning. However, candy and sugar were considered a luxury back then because of their expensive prices. Because of this, festivals like Carnevale used sweet fruits as a substitute for sugar. Over time, its representation took also a darker turn. Some historians discovered that the phrase coincided with the punishment of stoning sinners.


Party Emojis: How Party Favors Came To Be

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Some fun-filled gatherings include party poppers and other fun surprises as party favors for guests. Originally, only weddings followed this custom. It signified a simple token of appreciation from the couple to their wedding guests. With that said, do you know which marriage started this centuries-old tradition?

Some historians claim that the habit of giving party favors dates back to the 8th century. Nobles practiced the custom of preparing gifts for guests who attended their weddings. Around the 16 and 17 centuries, newlyweds prepared love knots crafted out of lace or ribbons for the guests who attended their wedding. The practice extended to England and early Russian history.

One of the most notable wedding ceremonies is the union of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy with Princess Jelena of Montenegro. During the couple’s nuptials, esteemed guests received solid silver as party favors. This eventually sparked the popularity of the ongoing tradition of gifting party favors during special occasions.