๐Ÿ’ป The Laptop Emoji: The Only Constant in Our Ever-Changing Work Life

Written by: Team Emojiguide
Modified: Dec 13, 2023

Can you imagine having an online conversation without using any kind of emojis?

If your answer was a resounding no, then we’re in the same boat as you. Although emojis have been around for just a handful of decades (3 to be exact), it has become such an integral part of our communication! Studies show that Millennials and Gen Z depend on emojis quite heavily. It’s easy to see the massive influence and relevance of emojis in our day-to-day lives.

The Laptop Emoji and What It Means

Did you know that the average emoji use has increased by a whopping 775% in the recent 3 years? Take a minute to sit with that number because it is massive. With 92% of millennials using emojis regularly, it’s nothing less than a staple – which is why most young adults and adults in general, who are moving into responsible roles, use a lot of ‘worked-related’ emojis.

For instance, the laptop emoji is one of the more commonly used emojis in most conversations. The laptop emoji signifies work or even entertainment at times, depending on the context, so its use is pretty multi-purpose, even more so now than ever before. Since COVID-19, most people have taken to working from home and the laptop emoji turned into a universal sign of ‘working’ or ‘busy at work.’

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Now, let’s get back to work 💻!

The (Very) Brief History of the Laptop Emoji

The laptop emoji itself is depicted as a black or gray device, with the screen opened slightly to show a dark screen, along with a keyboard. This emoji was approved back in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0, and then in 2015, it was added to the emoji table and was officially dubbed ‘Personal Computer.’

All In All

Our work life has evolved a lot in the past couple of years, but the only constant that hasn’t are the work-life emojis, with the laptop emoji leading them all! So, have fun and keep using these emojis to further color up a boring text!