people hugging ๐Ÿซ‚

Use this emoji to represent love with the people hugging emoji. This emoji symbolizes a wholesome and adorable type of love and affection.ย 

The people hugging emoji shows two people with their arms around each other, usually meaning that they are friends or family members who are enjoying a hug. It is an emoji you can send to your friends and family, alongside the red heart emoji.ย ย 

If you want to send this to your romantic partner, you can include the kissing face with closed eyes emoji without feeling awkward. And if you are overwhelmed with love, you can drop the smiling face with tear emoji.ย 

The emoji is often used to show affection or appreciation, especially in social media. It can also be used as a reaction to something cute or heartwarming. The people hugging emoji first appeared in 2010, and has been a popular choice ever since.ย In addition to the people hugging emoji, there are also emojis for single people hugging (often called the โ€œbear hugโ€, which you can add the teddy bear emoji too) as well as two men or two women holding each other in a close embrace. These variations can be used to show different types of affection, such as platonic love or romantic love.

๐Ÿซ‚ People Hugging is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 13.0 which was introduced in 2020, and was added to Emoji 13.0.

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This People Hugging Is Also Known As:

faceless forms hugging each other

silhoutte of people hugging

people embracing each other

two people hugging

virtual hug

sending hugs on text

bear hugs

affectionate hugs

blue figures in tight embrace

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People Hugging Emoji History

People Hugging Emoji is created in the year 2020.

People Hugging Emoji Unicode Data