Blessing Emoji πŸ™Œ Combinations And Their Uses πŸ™

Written by: Bernice
Modified: Jan 23, 2023

The blessing emoji is still nonexistent despite the constant development of Unicode staff. While developers have made a few emojis that resemble what the ideal blessing emoji would be like, none of them are direct to the point. The only way to create a blessing emoji, for now, is to create its combination. All of the unofficial blessing emojis can be used to create this. But which ones are they and how can you use them to express yourself?

Just like hand emojis and their meanings, the emoji combinations for blessings vary depending on the sender and receiver. You could be complimenting someone, asking for their blessing, declaring your religion, or using it sarcastically. This makes using the blessing emoji combination tricky since it’s prone to cause misunderstandings.

Woman hands place together like praying

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Learning about the blessing emoji combination will benefit your communication skills online, especially now that long-distance conversations are common. It’s important to use the right emojis in order to get your feelings across. In addition to this, emoji combinations are becoming more accurate with fewer words. This makes learning about emojis and possible combinations an ideal way to keep up with the information that is being exchanged online.

No need to be overwhelmed, though. It’s all a matter of truly understanding these emoji combinations, the emojis comprising them, and how to send them with fewer misunderstandings. Unfortunately, there’s not much information on how to create a blessing emoji combo or any of these tips. Luckily, we managed to find out all of this information and would love to share them with you!

Listed below are the emoji combinations to describe blessing someone, why it’s difficult to create an official blessing emoji, descriptions of the emojis that comprise it, and how to use it in three examples.


Blessing Emoji Combination

Folded Hands Emoji, High-Five Emojiraising hands emojiSmiling Face With Halo emoji

Emojis were made to translate accurate feelings on the Internet. So, what happens when we do not have an emoji that describes exactly how we feel? Enter emoji combinations — a series of emojis that specifically cater to these emotions, situations, or objects. Examples of these emoji combinations are baddie emojis, aesthetic emojis, or Harry Potter emojis which focus on describing what they’re trying to portray.

The blessing emoji combination is unique among the emoji combinations for two reasons. Firstly, there is no specific use for this emoji combination. This is because the emoji combo can be used as a goals emoji combination that focuses on sports, or an agree emoji combination that is used to praise a person. Secondly, the blessing emoji combination may also change depending on the person’s religion or intention. This means that a Buddhist and a Christian have different ideas of what a blessed emoji may look like.

A standard blessing emoji combination does have three important emojis: the 🙌 raising hands emoji (also known as the hands up emoji), 🙏 folded hands emoji (also known as the praying hands emoji), and 😇 smiling face with halo emoji. Regardless of your intentions with this emoji combination, it is very likely that at least one or two of these three emojis will be present.


Uses And Subtypes Of Blessing Emoji

Listed below are three blessing emoji subtypes and how they are used. Along with their descriptions are the reason why they are still considered a subtype of the blessing emoji combination.


Folded Hands Emoji, High-Five Emojiraising hands emojiDirect Hit emojigoal net emoji

It will be hard to find a connection between sportsmanship and the blessing emoji, especially since sports has nothing to do with blessings of any kind. What this emoji combination does do for sports-related events or conversations is offer support. The 🙌 raised hands emoji, 🙏 folded hands emoji, 🎯 bullseye emoji, and 🥅 goal net emoji are a perfect combination of this emoji combination and sports.

When people watch sports games, it’s natural to root for their favorite team. Back then, people had to go watch their favorite team live in order to support them in real-time. Thanks to technology, online viewing of sports competitions are now possible. But how do you support your team from the comfort of your home?

There are two ways to use the blessing emoji combination with sports. The first way is to send the emoji related to their sports with the raised hands emoji or folded hands emoji. It’s even better when you can find an emoji related to their team name. An example of this is using the raised hands emoji, goal net emoji, ⚽️ soccer ball emoji, and 🇦🇷 Argentina flag emoji to represent supporting Argentina in FIFA World Cup. The raised hands mimic what most fans do in the stands of the actual event: screaming and raising their hands in excitement.

Another way of using this emoji combination with sports is directly correlated to American football. The raised hands emoji combined with the ⬇️ down arrow emoji and the 🏈 American football emoji become the touchdown emoji instead. By adding the smiling face with halo emoji, you imply thanking God for the touchdown during the game.

Casual Conversations

raising hands emojiThumbs Up Emoji, Like Emojihundred points emoji

Aside from sports, the blessing emoji combination can also be used during casual conversations. Included in this version of the blessing emoji combination are the 🙌 raised hands emoji, 👍 thumbs up emoji, and 💯 hundred points emoji. There are two ways to use the combination during these interactions.

The first use for this emoji combination is to support and agree with another person. This is the most common use for the blessing emoji aside from religion. People who talk about their personal opinions regarding different subjects can either be controversial or wonderful. If you agree with the person’s opinion that’s posted, you can easily use the three emojis to imply being 100% supportive of their statement. In a way, the blessing emoji combination becomes a substitute for the preach emoji. In other words, by using the blessing emoji as a preach emoji, you’d want the person to speak up more about their opinions and agree with them wholeheartedly.

Another way of using the emoji combination is during private conversations. The raised hands emoji meaning from a girl or a boy can vary depending on the topic. If you use the raised hand emoji alone, you might be implying you want the person to stop talking. This could lead to an argument. Girls are usually the ones who use the raised hand emoji to imply this. Meanwhile, boys use the raised hand emoji to express their happiness and joy. By adding the thumbs up emoji and hundred points emoji, these misunderstandings can be easily erased.


Smiling Face With Halo emojiFolded Hands Emoji, High-Five Emojiraising hands emojiperson bowing emojiprayer beads emoji

Our final example of this emoji combination used is religion. The 🙌 raised hand emoji as the praising hands emoji, the 🙏 folded hands emoji as the amen emoji, and the 😇 smiling face with halo emoji describes being kind.

Since there are many religions in the world, the blessing emoji for religion varies. There are two examples of this we can give. The first one is Christianity where a Christian will likely use the 🐟 fish emoji or ⛪️ church emoji along with the blessing emoji combination. Meanwhile, a Muslim would use the raised hands emoji, the 🙇 person bowing emoji, along with the ☪️ star and crescent emoji.

Using this emoji combination for religious purposes is the most natural. Receiving an elder’s blessing can be described with this emoji. A preacher teaching about their religion can also use this combination. You can also use this emoji when visiting sacred temples, churches, and mosques abroad. Just remember to ask first whether or not it’s disrespectful to take pictures. This is because you might offend those practicing their religion within the holy area.

Another way of using the blessing emoji combination is when describing religious practices online. You can post yourself attending a church wedding and add the 👰 bride emoji, 🤵 groom emoji, and ❤️ red heart emoji along with the blessing emoji combination. You can also use this emoji combination when going to daily masses or major events such as Ramadan in Islam by adding the 🧕 woman with headscarf emoji and 🕌 mosque emoji.



We hope you enjoyed learning about the different emoji combinations for blessings and their uses. The act of receiving or giving blessings to one another is a great way to form stronger bonds. Having someone’s full support for decisions, tough opinions, and competition can ease the minds of others. Developers can’t pinpoint an actual blessing emoji just yet. Nevertheless, most people have their own ways to receive or give blessings. Who knows, maybe in the future the emoji developers can create the perfect blessing emoji. For now, it’s perfectly acceptable to use these emoji combinations.

The blessing emoji combination subtypes we have presented above are not the only ones. This means you might find other emoji combinations labeled as the blessing emoji on the Internet still. You can even add your own emoji combination to use on the Internet. Not only will you express yourself better with your own blessing emoji combination, but others may find yours more suitable to their style as well.